Relationships you want: Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman

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I found these two awhile ago on YouTube in the Ever After High webisodes and thought they were so adorable.

Ashlynn Ella is the Daughter of Cinderella and a Royal in the story and Hunter Huntsman is the Son of the Huntsman is a Rebel in the story. Their relationship has to be kept secret as Royals and Rebels can’t be together.

Lets hope Cinderella’s daughter gets her Happily Ever After!

What they do for each other

Hunter buys Ashlynn her favourite SHOES!imagesTFHWTBTO

Ashlynn ends their relationship so that their stories don’t disappear and something bad happens to Hunter because they don’t follow their destiny

Hunter sets up flowers and lunch in the canteen for Ashlynn

Ashlynn gives Hunter a Heart blossom on True Hearts Day to show that they have true love

Hunter attempts a disguise and a fake name (Gunter Gunstman-he did try ;0)) to be with Ashlynn while they get advice from Cedar Wood on their relationship .

Ashlynn takes a brave step and reveals her relationship with Hunter to everyone (see picture below left) including her friend Apple White (picture below right) so that no one finds any other way

What their relationship includes

tumblr_n0hs1uNk3L1r006fqo1_500Romantic picnics! images


Disappoint from friends

Heart carved in a tree with initials

             Flower garlands

Hand holding (Aww)

 Overall this relationship shows

Love can happen between anyone

It’s ok to follow your heart

People will eventually try to understand and be supportive even if they weren’t before

You can choose your own destiny

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The Change about Friends

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Another post about friends.

I thought this might be something to talk about giving how I am feeling. Friends were always an important part of my life since I was 15, they were something that was top priority until we all got older and things changed. 

I was lucky to still have my friends into my 20’s from high school but the older we got and the less we saw or spoke to each other, things were just not the same. In a group there are always people you are slightly more closer to and people you were friends with because they were in your group but you never really “knew them” knew them. As time went on you did think that maybe you should actually get to “know” them and so went on to have one on one meets but then you realised that things just didn’t click and you just weren’t sure what you thought of them and then being in other situations like visiting their house or staying over you realise you just don’t like them as a person. Situation I definitely had!

I also had those friends that I wanted to make more time for and make more of an effort with to bring them out of their shell so to speak. You would call them and message them more and try to have more time alone with them, to really connect and have deep and meaningful conversations. This was one of those times when you would try to share things, make yourself available to them and offer things all the time but in the end these friends just never changed. Those friends would continue to wait for you to call, never organise to meet and would never reveal anything but they would lap up every thing you said to them. Not good at all! (sometimes they will even gossip even when they have been sworn to secrecy)

Friends at this time are different for me. I don’t view them as important as before, as I am no longer important to them and I will only give importance to the ones I consider important, who in turn view me as important ;0) (did I confuse me!- I mean you hehe) 

Friends are one of those things that you have to work out who is right and who isn’t, who will stay and who will go. The older you get the more you have to put in effort in as you don’t see each other every day and will get on with other stuff in life, like family, jobs, volunteering, boyfriends/girlfriends, pets, chores etc. and you will need to organise time for each other. A lot of my friends have gone their separate ways due to marriage and other reasons but I have made new friends and refreshed with old friends and I have discovered a new friendship that has really been good for me. Even though my previous friends are no longer around I view it in a way that letting go is easy. I am happy and hope to gain new friendships and strengthen the friendships I already have.

I make time for my friends but sometimes they got to make time for you!

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Love to Hate You!

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I just thought I would share a nice thought with you all and that is hating your other half but loving them too or just Loving to hate them ;0)

I have a favourite song by a singer I don’t often listen to much but still enjoy which I will share with you now that may give you an example of what I am talking about. Please click link below. Pink- True Love


There are times in a relationship when you feel that there are so many things that you absolutely detest about your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner. Maybe they leave a damp towel on the bed, leave the toilet seat up, fart while in bed, do terrible accents and many other irritating things that you just hate but would miss when they were gone(yes I did say miss- you will!!).

Me and my Special Someone have a lot of things that annoy the other and at the time it makes us want to scream!! but when we get annoyed at each other and try to have some alone time we start to miss the other one. I  always hated it when my Special Someone will just let himself go when we are out and about, in bed or just any where near each other but I actually remember a time when I heard someone fart and it instantly saddened me and made me think of my Special Someone. It is very surreal but there you go ;0)

I have always been in a position where I have always Loved the fact that there are these littles things we both don’t like as sometimes I enjoy our little rough and tumble, play fight, name calling random thingy things that we do.

No matter how much I feel like I don’t like him, I Love him 10 times more but I Love to hate him a 100 times more then that ;0) But just so you know it’s nice when things are nice too 😀

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Goodbye my Friend

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I have some sad news of someone important to me that passed away that I would like to share. I had a special friend at home and he wasn’t even human but I felt like we had bonded in such a way that he may as well have been. He was never meant to be a permanent fixture in my family, he was only here to be a companion to another gerbil we had in his old age (we had adopted him). When the gerbil had passed away we just couldn’t give Andre up. He had made a very special place in all our hearts and continued to do so he became .

I remember the day we got him in the little green pets at home box. He was tipped in to his little cage and he was rather unusual in colour that my instant reaction was bad. However when I had attempted to pick him up from inside the cage he had climbed in to my hand and I was able to hold him. I remember the look on his face and my reaction. He looked so frightened and anxious and I just thought he was adorable. He had the biggest popped out black eyes and the cutest face and twitching nose. He was a 3 in one gerbil. The 3 gerbils we had before he had the personality of all of them plus one of his own. He reminded me of Speedy Gonzales from the cartoon too if you know what I mean ;0)Andale Andale!!

Andre was a very sweet gerbil and I will always remember him.

Andre even though you were never meant to be stay you had made a permanent place in our hearts as well as our home. You were always there when I was down to make me smile and laugh with your mischievous ways and funny reactions we would pass the time away. For a gerbil you were very smart, you loved watching T.V, running up and down the stairs, chewing toilet rolls, you liked to jump up to the next floor of your cage and you knew the words “come here” and “no” and even your name (I taught you well ;0)) I still imagine you on the stairs and sitting by me on the sofa and I can’t forget the way you would sit on top of the cage and wait for me. I even remember how you would shut your ears when I was vacuuming, picked out the sunflower seeds to eat and liked to sit hidden in boxes and any little nook and cranny you can find.

You are truly unforgettable.

I will miss you lots, Good Bye my Dear Sweet Friend. Know that you were Loved very much.


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Being Someone Else

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I think you know what this is about, the clue is in the title ;0)

One thing I can definitely tell you is that I have never tried to be anyone else even though I was never a particularly popular or well known person at school/ work or anywhere else, I always was myself. I never pretended to be different even though it wasn’t nice at times, I got there in the end.

When you are dating or in a relationship always be yourself, you are an interesting and fun individual (no matter what horrible stuff you think of yourself) and someone will like you for you even if it takes a bit longer then you expected. Never change yourself for a guy or a girl. NEVER! 😀

When I started dating at 19years old I was a bit odd, I had long black hair and wore a lot of black, I was awkward, shy and just well not like a lot of the other girls that guys seemed to go for. Surprisingly I got dates and even more surprisingly there was more dates and even a relationship, even though I pulled faces and gave people weird nicknames they actually liked me. My Special Someone is someone who liked my appearance strange enough but within 6months he had fallen for me and before you know it we were heading for a long term relationship. It can happen and just a little reminder for you I was myself.

When I came to first dates I never hid myself, I always tried to be open with who I was, because if they think we have something in common and we don’t or think I am their dream girl when I’m not, we are just giving false hope. If I eat with my hands normally then I would eat with my hands, if I had my own weird sense of humour that not everyone understood I wouldn’t keep it to myself and If I like certain things that would be embarrassing to admit it wouldn’t matter if they know because I like what I like 😀

Trying to be who you are not will be a stressful and awkward and basically a lie during the beginning of your relationship. We have all lied at some point in a our life and I’m sure we all know what it is like when one lie equals a hundred and you have spent some much time and effort and thoughts on keeping track of what you said to who that you just go crazy. It’s exhausting and not a good thing to be doing especially when you want the Love and attention of your date. Imagine if it was the other way around and you’ve met this incredible person and then you find out that you don’t even know who they really are because they were pretending to be someone else, someone they thought you would like. Very messy! Yes it is good to be able to be perfect to your date or partner and give them what they like but not when it’s not real.

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