Goodbye my Friend

Hey Hey

I have some sad news of someone important to me that passed away that I would like to share. I had a special friend at home and he wasn’t even human but I felt like we had bonded in such a way that he may as well have been. He was never meant to be a permanent fixture in my family, he was only here to be a companion to another gerbil we had in his old age (we had adopted him). When the gerbil had passed away we just couldn’t give Andre up. He had made a very special place in all our hearts and continued to do so he became .

I remember the day we got him in the little green pets at home box. He was tipped in to his little cage and he was rather unusual in colour that my instant reaction was bad. However when I had attempted to pick him up from inside the cage he had climbed in to my hand and I was able to hold him. I remember the look on his face and my reaction. He looked so frightened and anxious and I just thought he was adorable. He had the biggest popped out black eyes and the cutest face and twitching nose. He was a 3 in one gerbil. The 3 gerbils we had before he had the personality of all of them plus one of his own. He reminded me of Speedy Gonzales from the cartoon too if you know what I mean ;0)Andale Andale!!

Andre was a very sweet gerbil and I will always remember him.

Andre even though you were never meant to be stay you had made a permanent place in our hearts as well as our home. You were always there when I was down to make me smile and laugh with your mischievous ways and funny reactions we would pass the time away. For a gerbil you were very smart, you loved watching T.V, running up and down the stairs, chewing toilet rolls, you liked to jump up to the next floor of your cage and you knew the words “come here” and “no” and even your name (I taught you well ;0)) I still imagine you on the stairs and sitting by me on the sofa and I can’t forget the way you would sit on top of the cage and wait for me. I even remember how you would shut your ears when I was vacuuming, picked out the sunflower seeds to eat and liked to sit hidden in boxes and any little nook and cranny you can find.

You are truly unforgettable.

I will miss you lots, Good Bye my Dear Sweet Friend. Know that you were Loved very much.


X x x


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