Be Affectionate

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First things first 😀 How CUTE is this picture 😀

These two are so adorable and made me want to use it in one of my posts :D:D

Affection comes in many forms, one of which is physical which I have done a couple of posts on, to see a recent one please click the link below 😀


Sometimes when you have been together for a little while you kind of forget about being affectionate towards each other. It’s usually because you are in a working routine, have new members of your family or even because you’ve been together so long that it just seems like something you wouldn’t do anymore.

My Special Someone and I have been through lots and there has been times when we don’t say “I Love You” or hold hands or even kiss (HuGs however are never forgotten :D) Not because we don’t want to or our relationship has changed, it just doesn’t happen like it used to but there has been phases where we are very close and very… not close (didn’t know what to put 0:o))

Being affectionate doesn’t just mean physical affection it can also be affection in other ways like offering to help them with something, showing concern if they aren’t well and even the way you talk to each other. So even if you aren’t affectionate in one way doesn’t mean you can’t be in another. Show the person you care about how you feel and remember to be affectionate to keep that little light burning ;0) 

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Lovers Tiff!- When things get too much

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Elephants facing each other with tusks and trunks touching in the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Sometimes relationships get to a point where you just cant handle things anymore and wonder if you should be together at all. When things get difficult the best thing is to calm down. Try and get on to common ground and be a bit more understanding towards each other, as I’m sure you still Love and Like each other you just have to find the right way to deal with things. I will tell you one thing and that is certain things don’t work for everyone, so find what works best for you. People like a bit of alone time, a walk or exercise to clear their head whereas some prefer to still do something with their other half but something fun to get past things and come back to it later. What ever it is discuss it together so that you can make things easier for you both. When it come to coming back and discussing the problems try and be open and honest. Just tell them like it is.

My Special Someone and I have both realised that we both try to be too nice and beat around the bush a bit rather then telling the other what we want. It does more harm then good I’ll tell you! So whatever you wanna say, just say it. This person you have chosen as your partner and lover is someone you should be able to be perfectly honest and open with about anything and everything, but sometimes you just cant, but you should definitely change that 😀

Relationships aren’t made to be stressful but sometimes they make you feel stressed and that is something you can change by talking to your partner, about what that stress is and how you can overcome it together. You are a team and are both in this relationship, so if one of you is unhappy then it is a problem you both share and must solve together.

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Relationships you want: Shrek and Princess Fiona

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Shrek and Princess Fiona is another couple I feel have good relationship. In spite of their personality clash they really are more a like then they realise. I think you should look up to this couple and I am going to tell you why you should. Also they are green!!! 😀

Had to include green in my blog somewhere :D:D:D

What they do for each other

Princess Fiona thinks Shrek is happy being alone so leaves

Shrek completes his quest for Lord Farquaad and makes Princess Fiona go with him even though he likes her thinking she wouldn’t want someone like him

Princess Fiona makes breakfast for Shrek ;0)

Shrek changes into a human thinking that’s what Princess Fiona wants to be happy

Princess Fiona accepts Shrek the way he is

Shrek stops Lord Farquaad marrying Princess Fiona to tell her he Loves her 😀

Princess Fiona helps Shrek when an arrow gets stuck in his bum

Shrek thinks Fiona is beautiful as an ogre


What their relationship includes

Running in the fields with people chasing them with pitch forks ;0

Fart Jacuzzi ;0p

Unconditional Love

The importance of each others happiness

Overall this relationship shows

Anyone can fall in Love

No matter what you look like or what you are someone will accept you as you are

Being a princess doesn’t mean you have to be ladylike 24/7 ;0)

On;y good can come out of stopping a wedding to tell someone you Love them

Happily Ever After can happen for anyone

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New Year New Thinking

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It’s a brand new year and whether you are in a new relationship or been with someone for years you will start thinking about new things to do and making plans for the year. During this time your relationship may come into different situations, some very awkward and serious and you will have to make decisions. As the years go by we start to realise how far we have come and how far we have to go and sometimes these things include relationships. One thing I will tell you is that you will definitely start thinking a lot, maybe it’s about babies, travelling, new job, moving in together or even marriage and your other half may be supportive of those things and want the same things for them or the both of you. However there maybe some things that they may not be able to be supportive of, whether it is because they aren’t ready or it’s not for them, but whatever it is try be supportive of their decisions and remember that just because they can’t do what you want ,it doesn’t keep you the right to make them feel guilty. Just remember what it would be like if it was the other way around ;0)

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