Hey Shy One!!

Hey Hey!! 😀

Are we a little shy? 🙂


Sometimes being a bit socially awkward can cause some problems for you, especially when it comes to dating. I was shy and I am still shy. Just the amount of shyness I feel may have changed…. a little tiny bit maybe ;0).

Shy and me

When it came to being friends with people I found it difficult with people who didn’t want to take the time to see past the shyness. With guys I never really spoke to them unless it was necessary and I never really had a guy friend until I was a little bit older in high school. So I am pretty much an awkward one 😀

Online Dating

As I started off making friends online I feel that may be an advantage in dating, to date online. I have links just for you about online dating  from previous blog posts  that I feel will be helpful as I think that one way of starting out in the dating world can be done online.

Online Dating Tips:https://thesweetestpartsoflove.wordpress.com/2014/09/11/online-dating-safety-tips-d

Meeting people offline:https://thesweetestpartsoflove.wordpress.com/2014/09/16/online-dating-part-2-meeting-people-online-offline

My experience:https://thesweetestpartsoflove.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/online-dating-my-experience

Now that I am done advertising lets get into the shy stuff. First of all it is not wrong, bad or childish, being shy is normal human behaviour that not everybody understands. As long as you can make it work you will be fine 😀  As I suggested online dating to start off, it does make things easier for when you meet in person as you will be more comfortable. It will also make you feel like they already like you, as they already got a peek at your personality and wanting to meet up with you may mean they want to find out more about you.


When it comes to dating in person, well it’s ok to feel nervous and shy as the other person will most likely be the same. It’s scary and nerve racking to meet up with someone new who may be a potential boyfriend/girlfriend. Although as I have said in previous blog posts it is all about the fun ;0) (sorry another link :D) First Dates: https://thesweetestpartsoflove.wordpress.com/2014/08/14/first-dates/


Going out with someone for the first couple of dates isn’t really meant to be serious so just be yourself and have fun. If the other person finds it a bit awkward that you are bit shy or quiet, don’t worry about it, as the good thing about the dating stuff, is you don’t need to get serious, unless you are getting serious. If you don’t like each other more then friends or you not clicking or having any kind of spark it is no big deal! (no really!)


Being shy in my view may have it’s disadvantages but it also has its advantages. When you are shy and awkward and looking a teeny bit vulnerable, you can look kind of cute and adorable and I honestly feel that cute wins over sexy any day ;0)

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Lucky Stars!


Hey Hey!! 😀

I thought I would share a sweet little gift idea that am planning to give my Special Someone.

These Lucky stars are a form of Japanese origami although it has been said to have been called Chinese lucky stars. (If you do know about these lucky stars please leave a comment below.)

According to a lot of websites keeping a certain number of these lucky stars in jars has a certain meaning and can be given to loved ones as a gift. for good luck. The numbers however a slightly different according to different websites but I will show you what I used (I decided to go for the big one and made 1314. It took me a month as I just used to do around 50 a day before bed or something. I’d say each one takes just under a minute to make).

1 star: The only one
2 stars: Happy Couple
9 stars: Love for a long time
55 stars: Love you with no regrets
99 stars: May the friendship/love last forever
101 stars: You are the one
365/366 stars: Whole year of blessings
520 stars: I love you
548 stars: Can’t stop loving you
999 stars: Endless love
1314 stars: Eternity of love

DSC_5463There are lots of different styles of designs for the lucky stars paper.  On the right is a photo of the lucky star paper strips which you use to make the lucky stars, you can buy these in strips online(ebay?) or make your own. Some should come with the instructions on the packet as you can see below.


It may look a little complicated but in fact it is the easiest origami I have seen. It’s quite fun and addictive but just be careful of getting cramp in your fingers!

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1 Year Blog-aversary! :D

Hi Hi!! 😀

I have now been blogging about Love stuffs for one year 😀

Happy Blog-aversary! 😀  YAY!!

 I thought at some point I would give up or run out of ideas but we are still going 😀

 I also thought I would say a big thank you to all the people that have actually followed and liked the blog posts I have been putting up. I really appreciate your support.


Rexina :0) 

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You Flirt!: To flirt or not to flirt

Hey Hey!! 😀

Flirting is an odd word, but it has many languages 😉


Flirting can be viewed in many ways, harmless fun, being friendly, to get attention and to show someone that they are interested in them. Only problem is that sometimes you can’t tell which one it is.

In my case I have been flirted with and not even realised that was happening half the time aswell as me flirting with others (my friend thinks this) and not even known I was doing it (i still don’t know to this day what I had done- this was quite some time ago before my Special

My opinion on flirting is quite straight forward I think. If you are in relationship just don’t flirt with others. You might think it’s harmless fun but most of the time the other person (guy or girl) will have other ideas. You’ll have to deal with awkward situations. Just don’t go there. Trust me! 😉 If you are single and out with friends and just messing around, again, best to not go there. Harmless fun maybe, awkward-ness and strange people most likely. Genuine interest then flirt your heart out!;-) just be careful of rejection and going all Love crazy!

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Death and Relationships: Your Partner’s Loss and Grief

Hey Hey!!


This is a sad one but it is something that will happen eventually to people we Love and care about. It is not something I particularly want to share but I feel that it is important to learn how to understand how to approach and deal with the situations.

My Special Someone is a tough one to deal with and when it comes to certain situations he does find it difficult. From a previous and a recent loss I will tell you some things that I have learnt that may be helpful to keep in mind. It will be some sort of list thing. Not in any particular order of importance.

1. Be a shoulder to cry on. Man or woman letting out the tears is a good thing.

2. Listen to everything they want to talk about even if they are basically repeating stuff over and over. They will need to process their thoughts and get things out.

3. Try not to get upset if they feel angered or frustrated with your presence. Try and understand that they are going through stuff and have no idea how to deal with it and sometimes the first thing they express is anger. Leave them be and they will realise what they have done and apologise to you in time. Just don’t leave on bad terms. Let them know you are there for them and leave them be. Never get angry yourself and say things you regret. Even though you may feel hurt it is nothing compared to what they are going through and I’m sure they aren’t saying or doing anything to be evil to you.

4. Offer help with anything and everything. If they need to sort out the funerals or clear up the house let them know that you are able to help. Sometimes things get done better when there is at least one person who as a clear mind. This is also an opportunity to show your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner that you are with them in their bad times not just their good. It is a bonding session in it’s own way and shows you care.

5. Always tell them how it is. If you tell them everything will be ok when it probably won’t be, they won’t like it. They will just tell you that you don’t understand and won’t want to talk to you. Tell them that it is a bad time and that in time they will learn how to deal with things better in future.

6. Always reassure them that you are there for them. Let them know that their grief and loss is important to you, because you care about them and that they can never burden you by wanting to talk or asking for your help.

7. Send sympathy. A card will do. Let them know you care in words as it may get through to them more then you just saying.

8. Never let them feel that their feelings and emotions are wrong, There is no right way to deal with this sort of situation.

9. Make them laugh. Be careful with how and when you do this. I doubt you will get it wrong.

10. Always give plenty of BiG BiG HuGGys!

This is all I can think of right now. I hope that this helps anyone that is reading this, if you have any comments leave them below as i’m sure it will be helpful. I hope those of you going through a situation like this pull through and I also hope you gain the strength and support you need.

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