4th Blog-a-versary!!

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I cant believe I missed it!!!!

Was away on holiday but I had reached 4years doing this blog. Thank you to all that read my blog posts and who have followed my blog I really appreciate.



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First Holiday! Part Two

Hey Hey! ūüėÄ

Took bit of time out from this but I am back from my holiday :D:D

I did already discuss about going away with my Sweet One in a previous blog. Please click the link below to read my First Holiday blog:


I¬†have never gone on holiday with an other half before but as a first of possibly many many more holidays to come it wasn’t half bad :D. Me and My Sweet One went to Greece for a week and to be honest I think that was just bout right as we enjoyed¬†ourselves, had the freedom to do what we felt like doing and¬†had no problems with¬†one another.

When we decided to go on this holiday we didn’t want to plan too much about what we were going to do while we were there or anything. We just wanted a relaxing holiday with the freedom to do¬†things according to our mood. We could spend time at the beach, walk round the different tourist shops, go on an excursion, spend the evening at the hotel or see the evening entertainment if or when we wanted with no restrictions or stress as the main point of this was to spend time together.

Sharing a room and being together from morning until bedtime was something we did wonder about having never spent a full day along with spending the night at the same time but given the novelty of it we made the most of it, cuddling up when going to sleep, brushing our teeth together in the morning and even laying out on the bed like starfishes sweating from the extreme heat !

While we there we managed to book ourselves up for a tour and a turtle cruise which we really enjoyed. The tour included a small boat ride and the cruise had us swimming in the¬†sea. On the days we hadn’t planned anything we did a long walk to explore the area, did a round of mini golf, walked¬†on the beach, did a bit of¬†swimming and ate lots of food at meal times!¬†

¬†We get on really well together and the fact that we could spend all day with each and not have to say goodbye at the end of it…. well we Loved every minute of it! The entire¬†time we were there we held hands wherever we went, gave each other random hugs and kisses and shared our appreciation for¬†one another even¬†including small romantic things too ūüėÄ

The particular island of Greece we went to was¬†very pretty and¬†we enjoyed the blue waters and sunshine everyday and as a first boyfriend girlfriend holiday together all I can say is “when can we do this again?”…..:D¬†¬†

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