Double Dates

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At some point in your relationship you will end up doing one of these!!!! 😮

Looking back 5yrs (!!!) to my very first double date, I remember not being entirely ready for it. My Special Someone was with his friend and somehow they randomly decided to go out for dinner. I ended up getting a phone call saying his friends wanted to meet me and that he would come pick me up. It was a random day when I wasn’t exactly presentable, hair was greasy, hairy arms and on my period. Not the best day to be doing first impressions :0(

See link for another blog I have done on meeting with friends: https://thesweetestpartsoflove.wordpress.com/2015/04/21/meet-the-friends/

It was a rainy day but slightly warm so tried to find something to wear. Ended up with a slightly odd  outfit looking back, but it had to do as time was running out. I ran out to the car and we drove up to a local Indian restaurant where I met my Special Someone’s friend and his partner. Hands were shook and we sat down to order food. Honestly I felt awkward and unsure. I was worried that I would embarrass my Special Someone by saying or doing something silly, instead I done something a bit more odd, I didn’t say much at all. I was quiet the entire evening :O

Another double date I had was with one of my friends and her partner. It wasn’t one of the best dates I have to say. It was more awkward then the first one I had. The place we had gone for lunch was my friend’s partner’s choice and it wasn’t that great as it was very expensive (starters cost as much as what I’d pay for a main meal!!)and the choice of food was limited. As there wasn’t a lot on the menu, I ended up ordering something I didn’t like just so I wouldn’t go hungry :0( My Special Someone was involved in local politics and my friend’s partner was very interested in politics and you know what they say never talk about religion and politics, but on a nice sunny Saturday afternoon that was exactly what my friend’s partner felt was appropriate. Safe to say they didn’t get on very well. No arguments just bit of a personality clash. My Special Someone did not enjoy the day, the conversation was dominated by my friend’s partner and his girlfriend (me)had gone hungry as well as being slightly out of pocket all in one day.

Double dates are odd things, but at some point trying to meet up and go out with friends is very awkward so sometimes meeting up in couples works out better. Although be prepared for anything and everything 😀

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Meet the Friends

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Well this is one thing that happens eventually in your relationship. As soon as you start talking about your new boyfriend/girlfriend/partner everyone will want to know who they are and what they look like and will possibly be insisting on meeting them too. Be ready for it.

My first boyfriend (now my first Ex) didn’t meet any of my friends and never introduced me to any of his. But my second boyfriend (my Special Someone)had said his friends wanted to meet me, so I eventually got him to meet some of mine too. It was a big step for me to meet his friends (it was a double date) but once it was over I did ask him what he thought they would think about me and he told me it didn’t matter as he knew what he thought of me and that was all he cared about (sighs :D). We had gone to an Indian restaurant for dinner where I met his friend and his friend’s partner. They both seemed nice but scary for me and I ended up being very quiet through most of the evening, so I think my first impression wasn’t a very good one :0( I did however have several meets with them after and they were a little better. Turns out they did like me 😀 (Yay!)

When it came to meeting my friends, I had wanted him to meet my entire group but I didn’t want my Special Someone to feel overwhelmed so had tried to get him to meet two at a time(that way my friends don’t feel like a third wheel- I’m thoughtful like that :D). He only met two from the group as the others weren’t too sure about meeting him. I think again I had a bit of a quiet thing happening as again, I didn’t say much (I don’t do too well in groups for some reason- think it was the fact that I was introducing one world to another :O ) After meeting my friends with my Special Someone, we went separate ways and I did get texts from my friends telling me they liked him (his laugh in particular – he sounds exactly like this “he he he”) and could tell that he really Loved me.

There were other meets with other friends, his and mine which were random meets as well as planned ones. Each one went as well as it could have done and that is what matters.

With friends sometimes they may want to seek out your other half to see whether they are right for you. Yes they maybe judgemental, depending, but be ready to not be blinded by your Love and also remember that your friends do care for you (also remember not to let your friends take over your relationship as you know your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner better then they do, so be careful of not trusting the one you are with) 😀

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Love at first sight

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“Love at first sight” is a romantic, possible fantasy myth which is used a lot in films and books. As for real life, I wouldn’t say it exists all that much or even at all, as when you meet someone for the first time you don’t know them, (obviously!;-)) so what ever first impression you are seeing? Is it possible to Love on that alone? What could you be seeing or experiencing to have such a strong feeling so quickly?

When I first met my Special Someone face to face I felt some sort of connection but I don’t think I was attracted to him in “that” way. I think I just viewed him as a friend at the time. However I did feel something, the first time we hugged (on the day we first met)I felt what I’m just going to call a “spark”. It wasn’t Love I’m pretty sure, it’s nothing like what I feel now, it was different. It told me he would be with me for always and  that he will put my happiness first. I think it was more of a support sort of feeling. Surreal right? It was nice though and comforting or maybe it was just the feel of his arms wrapped around me ;0)

Love at first sight is something I’m sure we have always viewed with wide dreamy eyes. Sitting in front of the T.V or with a book and wanting nothing more then to trade places with the heroine and experience what was described and shown, but I think it’s just amusement/entertainment, to show you dreams and romance but I think this is one thing that is a Love myth. Love is meant to be encouraged, it’s meant to blossom from a friendship you both share and that’s what I think is the beautiful part. Knowing someone well enough faults and all and truly Loving that person. In my view Love at first sight is more of a crush.

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Love is more then surface deep

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WARNING: This may contain lots of quotation marks 😀

Appearances are one of those strange things that everybody views differently but in some way they all view it the same.

Do you remember watching those films, where there is a boy or girl who has a crush on someone and brings up the courage to tell the person, that they like them? But do you remember what happened after? The person they liked, rejected and insulted them, because they were “ugly” and they told them that they shouldn’t even think of being with someone like them. It makes you think doesn’t it? How one person feels that because they are “good looking” they are pretty much “God” and everyone who is not “attractive” can’t even look at them and are pretty much beneath them.  

Looks are only skin deep and sometimes we forget that what’s on the inside counts more, what is in that person’s heart and mind, not what’s on their skin. Taking care of your appearance is a good thing, but what people don’t remember, is that looks don’t last. Love isn’t about looks. If you have the most “beautiful” wife or the most “handsome” husband it doesn’t mean your Love is greater or that you will have the best Love story it doesn’t have any connection to Love in that way.

When it comes to dating, what would you look for? Would you just check the profile pics on a dating website? See who is getting the most attention at work/college/school? or would you actually read their profile and speak to the person with the attention? Sometimes we get so caught up in the “Love at first sight” (we will definitely talk about this more) fantasy type of stuff that we forget, that the person has a brain and a mouth which will reveal a whole different thing to what they look like alone. Love is a deep connection through the heart and mind, through common interest and being on the same wave length as someone, it will make you feel like this person could be the one, your soul mate, not just someone who will be your “arm candy”.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, which sometimes has nothing to do with their outside looks  and i’m sure if you look hard enough you will see it too :0)

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