Taken By Love: BiG Age Difference In Love Partners

My Little Bride South Korean Film

My Little Bride South Korean Film

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Relationships most of the time seem to have been all in the name of spontaneity, whirlwind romances and people being swept off their feet in a blink of an eye. One thing that we all seem to think about last is being practical.

Some people think it is wrong and even un-natural to form relationship with someone who isn’t of close age to them, whereas others like the idea that someone is more immature or more experienced in life, so would prefer to be in a relationship that has a large age gap.

In my view I would never choose to be with someone a lot older or a lot younger then me. As a teenager I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of being romantically involved with anyone over five years or even a year younger then me. Just felt wrong, but sometimes “Love” isn’t always in your hands, even if you say it may never happen to you or it isn’t something you would consider, sometimes it’s not even your choice…

Let’s talk about my experiences . Lets start with big age differences that are younger then me. Well there isn’t any. Just one person I went out with and they were two years younger. Not a lot I know, but I wasn’t as comfortable as I thought. I kind of “mother-ed” my date. I was wiping food off his face at lunch, asking if he needs the loo before we leave, buttoning up his coat, holding my hand in front of him to stop him crossing the road til I say and trying to pay for stuff. May not be that mother-ry but It didn’t feel normal ;0) hehe.  Sad to say I did not meet with that person again although a year later he did wonder why we never managed a second date.

Now for the big stuff. The big age differences with someone older then me. I was in my late teens early twenties and (I am not entirely sure) I met someone who was 35 and what a strange one he was. The experience wasn’t a pleasant one to be honest and I definitely will be talking about this person, as he does link to a few things that I talked previously about and what I may speak about in future ,so maybe he will get his very own post ;0) But for this post I will tell you a little bit. This person was kind of my online friend and I used to get the idea that he liked me as someone to date. We didn’t live very close so only met a handful of times. He seemed normal enough at the beginning and I did used to think he was good fun to talk to although I never viewed him as more then a friend.  

The relationship I am in now includes someone who has nineteen years on me but we get on really well, have some things in common and enjoy each others company. This relationship was unexpected and was a big risk, as along the line things may change, as when we met I was in my early 20s and still working out things in my life but my special someone had learned to live his own life so conflicts would have risen eventually.

In our relationship there was problems at the beginning but after a year or so once we had worked each other out we were at our happiest. We learnt as I’m sure you remember, in my previous posts that communication is very important and we have tried to keep that in mind for the present and for the future. With my special someone I was never embarrassed to be with them in public and I never really saw the difference in age when we talked and went out and I honestly think that is a good thing. To this day we have never had an argument and we will soon be celebrating five years together. If I had to choose someone to Love, in spite of the age gap I would still pick this person again, but even though it wasn’t something I had control over I have no regrets and I fully intend to enjoy this relationship as long it lasts 😀

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Online Dating!: Meeting People Online Offline

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Safety first!!:D

I have already talked about online dating before in a previous blog post but this post is along the lines of actually meeting up with people. To see previous blog post which is about online safety tips, please click the link below 😀 :


Meeting people online can be fun and exciting but you do need to be careful. I have put a link below of one of my previous posts which includes my safety tips on meeting people. below:-)


If you have been talking with someone online for awhile about your interests, hobbies or even your daily activities and you now feel you are ready to take the next step….meeting in person.

More serious stuff I’m afraid. For this post I think I will try and bring you into reality here. The reason I am trying to give you so many safety things is because if you do ever decide to meet up with someone there may be some “surprises”, especially if you have met up on a regular social networking site instead of a dating one, not to say there aren’t odd people on the dating ones. Be prepared for anything. The person you are meeting may not even be what you think, they may have lied to you about their relationship status, what they do for a living or even their gender. The worldwide web is a place where people like to fantasize and be a whole different person to who they really are and I’m sure you will want to know the real them.

When you are to your meeting place and it turns out they aren’t who they say they are just leave. Leave them a message saying some thing has come up and go home. The old phone call after half hour or hour is one thing that comes in handy. Get a friend to give you a call to give you a chance to leave if you need to. If you are quite happy don’t answer the phone and then let your friend know later that you are ok.

Some people may force decisions on you or make you do things you don’t want to do. I had someone who kept insisting I meet them at their house instead of meeting half way at a restaurant, in the end I just stopped talking to that person all together you should never feel like you have to do what people ask of you, stick to what you feel comfortable (along the lines of the safety tips I have given you as well :0p) You are your own person and I’m sure you can all make good decisions for yourself and look out for your own safety.

Lets talk about some good stuff now 😀

Meeting up with someone you like from the internet can be quite exciting. It’s even more exciting to see them in the flesh sitting right across the table from you. Make the most of meeting them, I always think restaurants are the best way to go so you can get a chance to really get to know each other. You can find out how much you have in common, you could find out how much you like them and even a find new place or activity you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise with your own circle of friends. Whatever happens GOOD LUCK! 😀

Please note: I am not encouraging you to go out and meet up with strangers online but I am trying to guide you if you do make the choice to, whether it’s making friends or going out on dates. Use your common sense, be careful and most importantly have fun. 

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Online Dating!: Safety Tips :D

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I decided to do you another one of them lists ;op

This one is related to the internet and meeting people and stuff…:O

Ok, we all have the internet and use it everyday and I’m sure at some point we have talked to people we don’t know.. as friends or even as !!! a dating person. So it’s important to read the following to be careful and safe from the may be dodgy people that lurk the world wide web.

Please Note :I’m sorry if some of them are pretty obvious but believe me, in the heat of discussion people do forget. The dodgiest of people are quite clever in luring you in to your comfort zone to reveal everything that’s quite personal to you. Also I’m only able to put up 10 to make this post at a non boring length :op

1. Don’t give your full name!

You will be surprised how much people can find with a full name

2. Don’t give your address…

By this I mean your home address 😀

3. Don’t give your home phone number

If you’ve had those cold callers or prank calls you will understand what I mean when I say this. Best to not go there even if you have caller ID.

4. Don’t reveal your exact location

This may sound silly to when you think “oh they can’t possibly find me as my name is pretty common” again you maybe surprised what people can do. They have all the time in the world. If you have to say anything just say for example I live in the UK. Don’t reveal more then they need to know.

5. Keep your family out of your conversations

Even if you think you are just letting your frustrations out by speaking about how mean your big sister is, you may be revealing more then you should.

6. Be Alert!

This may not make sense but just be aware of everything you are being asked. Don’t reveal anymore then they need to know. Especially if you have never met them in person or been talking to them for very long.

7. Don’t send pictures of yourself

This may sound obvious but again people do forget. If you are on a website or chat thing a profile picture should be available if they want to see your face or direct them to a social network website your are on. Don’t hand out photo’s of yourself especially ones you may be ashamed of later. 

8.Always report or block people if you no longer want contact

This is when you are uncomfortable or feeling like someone is bothering you, always report them or block them. I remember one website had a pest button. It was a list of all the people I didn’t want contacting me and if there was enough people pest-ing them they would remove them off the website. Don’t think that you just have to accept it.

9. Be careful with what contacts you give

By this I mean don’t give all the social networking  you are on and all the email addresses you use. Always best to limit to one or two such as Fb and you personal email address. When things go wrong it’s very difficult to stop people contacting you when they have so many ways to.

10. Never get money involved

I know this sounds strange but people do think they are helping and send money to strangers. The only person who loses out is you. Ditto the other way around, don’t take out loans.

Lastly I am not encouraging you to go out there and meet people online whether it is just talking online or meeting them in person. I’m just trying to make sure that if you are talking to people online to keep the above in mind. Please keep safe, be careful and most importantly have fun. There are many other safety tips out there that will make this post way too long, so just use your common sense and I’m sure you will be ok 😀 I will definitely have another post on this subject so look out for that one.

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Are you ready for a relationship?

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Found on livelifehappy.com

I have talked a lot about relationships new and old but I haven’t talked about whether we are even ready for one. When I first started dating and being in an exclusive relationship, I don’t think I was actually ready for a relationship. It all comes down to the old saying of ” You need to Love yourself before you can Love others”.

For this post I decided to put down a bunch of random questions for you to answer 😀
Fun no? ;0)

1.Can you lead a happy single life? (yes I do mean not being in a couple :D)

2.Have you got rid of any previous relationship baggage? (e.g. do you still think about your ex? Are you forcing yourself to move on?) 

3.Do you know how to keep your own separate life? (by this I mean can you spend time doing your stuff with out needing your boyfriend/girlfriend to be there with you)

4.Are you capable of  trusting someone completely?

5.Do you have time for a relationship?

6.When dating do you try to portray yourself in a way you think men or women might like? (e.g. doll up when you are normally pretty casual? make it look like you love sports when really you hate it?)

7.Do you need someone to be your hero? (Have someone to sort your life out or fix your issues such as insecurities)

8.Do you feel like you need to look after someone? (do you go for guys/girls that have their own issues that you want to help them with?)

9.Do you think a relationship can complete you? (do you think a relationship can better your life?)

 If you have answered yes for the first 5 and no for questions 6- 9 then I would say you have a pretty good chance of giving it a go 😀

Hopefully I have helped out a little bit and got you thinking whether or not you should get in to a relationship just yet. For those of you that have come to the conclusion that you are, Yay! and Good Luck 😀 and for those that have found out they aren’t, well, don’t worry too much you will get there soon, even if you’re three-quarters of the way ready, that is still good enough ;0)

Please note I am no expert and these questions are just my thoughts and opinions on what I would say is the way to go to be ready for a relationship. I will also have another post to explain stuff in more detail 😀

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