Do you Trust me?

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Ā Trust is one of those small words that mean very big things. People have their own definition of what this word means to them but lets check a dictionary first šŸ˜‰ According to the internet trust means having a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something “relations have to be built on trust”.

In my view, when you are in a relationship, trust means never needing to check up on someone you Love, never having to search through their things, accepting what they say to be the truth without being suspicious and being vulnerable knowing that person could never purposely hurt you.(i have lots more but It could get quite long)

Trust isn’t something that can be forced, it’s either there or it isn’t. That is why when someones trust is broken it can take months or even years to regain. So just be careful! šŸ˜‰

I can give you two guys as examples of trust being there or not. First guy is The Ex Boyfriend (he is ‘The’ ex boyfriend as he is the only one I have ;-)) I was a friend for a couple of months until we upgraded and it was only then that I realised how secretive he was. I was never allowed to talk to his mum more then 5mins, we never met half way, he didn’t want me watching him on the computer, he didn’t change his relationship status on social networks, he would always take me different routes to his house, if he had his arm round me he would take it away if someone was there and he would always avoid talking about his personal life. Strange guy no? Definitely a reason to feel like doing a Nancy Drew on him as I always felt like being a crazy girlfriend and checking up on him. Turns out after I broke up with him he got with someone else the very nextĀ day.

Next example, the current bf (the guy i’m in Love with now :-D<3)With this person, from day one I knew I could trust him. I could be alone in his house, he would allow me on his computer with his email, social network and ebay accounts signed in, I met his friends, he would always talk about his life, he showed me the way to his house, he gave me all the ways to contact him and I had alone time with his mum. I could go through anything I wanted but I didn’t need to. He never tried to hide things from me.

Feeling like you can trust someone can be a big risk, it can either make you feel really comfortable and give you something special with someone or it can make you feel really hurt when that trust is broken. There’s no way to know if someones bad or good but trust is very important, some would say it’s the foundation, the base of any relationship you are in and if it doesn’t exist you have nothing.

What I would say is to just go with the flow and your gut instinct but take risks and live in the moment aswell as being wise and aware of whats going on. You might think you can trust everyone but sometimes you can’t but it doesn’t mean you stop trusting people.

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Bucket List

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Bucket lists have been made all over the world and they are mostly made to experience life worth experiences before death comes.

Even though it originates from “kicking the bucket” people do make these bucket lists before other milestones in their lives, such as 30th birthdays, marriage and even before having kids but whatever it is, it is always a fun idea to have goals to achieve and look forward to.

Being in a relationship can have it’s milestones too and I think creating a bucket list for the both of you would be a nice idea. You can both sit down and think of all the things you would like to do or experience together and the best part is, that you will actually make the effort to do these things as you want to achieve them before the time runs out.

Me and my Special Someone have thought about making one and I think we will for this year, maybe before we hit our big birthdays or just for the fun of it try and get through our list as quick as possible. I really think that having something on paper rather then having those talks where you never get round to actually doing those things will be better. I think as a couple as the time goes by you just feel more relaxed and more routine-y then actually being spontaneous and romantic.

So my special request to youĀ all reading, get your special someone, a paper and pen and write down all yourĀ wishes to make your life moreĀ interesting and fun. You might experience something you’ve never done beforeĀ and have the best time of your life.Ā Ā Ā 

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New Year Break Ups

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Sad stuff I know, but as sad and strange as it is, it does happen!:-o Well I found out it does šŸ˜¦ Good news is that it hasn’t happened to me but the bad news is it’s happened to someone I know:-(

The New Year to a lot of people means a new start, new you and new ways of thinking, but does it also mean the end of relationship? Does moving forward mean leaving people behind?

Relationships areĀ fragile things and even if there are issues in your relationship, trying to pull through by sortingĀ things out through Communication, Love, Support and Trust you can come out the otherĀ side feeling a lot better and stronger in your relationship.Ā 

For someĀ peopleĀ ending their relationship makes things easier and it being the New Year makes it seem all the more simpler. Well I guess in a way it makes sense, New Year with a new relationship or a new single life but sometimes when it all seems to make a little too much sense, it actually seems more like an act on impulse, that is encouraged by anger, stubbornness, aĀ feeling of beingĀ hurt and it being a new beginning.

More then often breaking upĀ a relationship before or after the holidays it is an act on impulseĀ and that is exactly what happened,Ā decision was made one day and then the next regretted and a stream of phone calls, messages and visits to the house begun. It is now an awkward and sad situation which can’t be changed. Confirmations were made at the time of whether it was what that person wanted and when they agreed it was, it was then too late for things to change. The decision has beenĀ made and the process of grieving and moving on had started and the last thing you want is that person to turn round and change their mind like they would choosing clothes to wear on a night out.

Just because it seems like a simpler life with out someone you are in a relationship, less drama as some would sayĀ it doesn’t mean it will make you happier. it’s one of those funny things about life, even though you get annoyed by each others habits, the nagging or even the little fights you have once that person is no longer with you, you will want them back.

Think clearly about what you want especially during this time of year otherwise you will be spending the start of the year lonely and regretful…

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Importance of being together on New Years

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Well it is officially the New Year and the start of 2015:D It’s a big deal right? New Years Eve to New Years Day is spent with family, friends and even your Special someone.

Growing up I spent it with my family, as a late teenager I tried to drag my friends out and now as a twenty something I have spent every New Year with my Special Someone except this one :0(

To me spending New Years with my Special Someone has always been very special to me no matter what our plans are. Dinner, fireworks on T.V and having Burger King as our first meal the next day became a bit of a tradition, even though it’s not exactly the most exciting thing to some people, I always looked forward to the day every year. I’ve always viewed it as very romantic to be together with your Special Someone for when the count down starts and you are sitting with a glass of bubbley (or juice in my case ;0)) and turning to the one you Love and giving the first HuG and KiSS of the Year!! (big sigh..)

Relationships are one of those things that you could say a million promises and future talksĀ and still not know what could be there round the corner. Knowing that this year we didn’t spend the first day of the year together will be forever on my mind and when next year comes round and our relationship is different, it will sadden me to think that we missed out. Yes, it isn’t exactly positive thinking, it is in fact very negative thinking to think that we as a relationship won’t make it to next year. As I have no idea where my relationship is going future wise as we are not prepared for one together, I have always said to make the most of the time together as there may not beĀ a next time….

Which is why I strongly suggest that you always spend each first day of the new year together with the ones you Love so asĀ  to not regret.

In positive thinking I do hope that you all are enjoying the start of the New Year together with all the people you Love and care about, Friends, Family and Special Someones. Love to you all and Happy New Year.

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