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Hey Hey!! ūüėÄ

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Something random that just popped into my head. Very sweet and cute but definitely a one off.

During the first year of dating my Special Someone I remember a specific night. I was eating my dinner and¬†my Special Someone and I were texting each other back and forth (we don’t live together) and I just had one of those silly lovey dovey moments. I wanted nothing more then to be with him at that exact moment and to have him wrap his arms round me tight, yep…. I wanted a BiG BiG HuGGy! ūüėÄ Lucky for me my Special Someone wanted to be with me too ;0) It was 8-9pm and I had relatives staying so it ¬†wasn’t exactly the time or place to be randomly going out.¬† We both wanted to be together and sometimes you got to do what you want sometimes, so my Special Someone¬†said he would drive over in 10mins(!!). Longest 10mins ever but he was finally outside¬†so¬†I snuck out the door and ran out to his car and we had one of the biggest, nicest sweetest hugs we have ever had (well at that time it was¬†;0))¬† I spent no longer then 5mins for a quick HuGGy time and got¬†back to¬†the house¬†before anyone had noticed I’d gone. A little niceness for you, just show up at your special someone’s place and give them a hug, its sweet and spontaneous and it will make the both of you feel special

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Hey Hey!! ūüėÄ


I thought I would talk about the “Honeymoon” stage for this post. The “Honeymoon”¬†stage for those of you who don’t know, is when you are in the beginning of your relationship when everything is all sweet, cute and romantic before the “reality” stage comes along. You still hug and kiss and say I Love you throughout the day, you want to dress up all nice for each other, you go out all the time, want to talk hours on the phone after already meeting up and everything you do and they do always seems so¬†adorable ;0) For most¬†people the Honeymoon stage is¬†at the very beginning of¬†the¬†¬†relationship and last from the first couple of months to a year max.¬†That is roughly what most people will tell you.

In my view the “Honeymoon” stage can¬†be different for everyone.¬†I think it can last quite some time depending on how you are in your relationship. Me and my Special Someone¬†I feel are still in¬†some sort of stage that is close to the¬†Honeymoon stage but it definitely isn’t the Honeymoon stage and after 5years of being together it’s probably about right and I don’t think it is a bad thing either. At the beginning of our relationship during the¬†“Honeymoon” stage there was lots of intimacy and closeness, we were always¬†very affectionate and we could never get enough of spending time together.¬†Here is a list of what I think our “Honeymoon stage” consists of :

1. Lots of I Love Yous

2. Stomach butterflies and tummy jumps

3.Lots of random texts through out the day

4. Long phone calls

5. Whole day together and coming home late

6. Lots of cuddles and talks on the sofa doing nothing

7. Gifts just because (they don’t have to expensive)

8. Surprise visits and pick ups

9. Hand holding everywhere

10. Lots of Love making  ;0)

11. Meeting up almost everyday

¬†Compared to that and the stage we are in today I’d say we still do number 1, 2,5, 6 and 7 same as we did back then and the rest well they exist in some way or form;-). Although I do miss the old (younger!) us and the spontaneity we used to have, I do look forward to how we can both grow and become even cuter and stronger as the years go by which in a way is so much better then the honeymoon period ūüėõ

Honeymoon stages are meant to end some day but they don’t mean anything is bad or wrong with your relationship, so don’t take it to heart just view your relationship differently. Besides you still have an actual Honeymoon to experience! (if you are already married well you can always have a second honeymoon;-))

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Love me at my worst

Hey Hey!! ūüėÄ

No one is perfect. Sometimes we can’t always be at our best, as there are some situations in life that bring out the worst in ourselves, but the question is, when this happens to your Loved one will you still be by their side?

Being¬†in the relationship I¬†am in with my Special Someone, I have learnt many things and one of those things¬†is that people aren’t always going to be able to hold it together,¬†even in front of the one they Love. Me and my Special Someone over the past 5years have gone through so much and believe me, we have seen the many faces and sides of each other that exist and I’d say at least 75% of them are bad, but we have always pulled through and we maybe a tiny bit better and stronger then before.¬†

When it comes to the relationships of today, people are willing to let go so easily or hold on for the wrong reasons. Lets talk about the ”letting go easily”. What tends to happen is that that the ”honeymoon” stage is over and the ”real” you comes out and of course it’s new to you and you won’t like it, so fights happen until you both decide to end things and the holding on for the wrong reasons, well¬†I think we all know a little something about that. So for todays topic I am going to tell you some things I find helpful, for when it comes to Loving your Special Someone when they are at their worst.

1. Always let them know that you Love them

2. Make sure they know that they can talk to you about anything

3. Always go the extra mile, even if they tell you they don’t need anything

4. Appreciate everything they do for you even if it’s the norm

5. Be supportive no matter what

6. Listen carefully to what they say

7. Don’t take anything to heart

8. Remember that you have done no wrong

9. If they want alone time then give them some or offer them space if you feel they need it

10. Offer your help whether it’s to do with the situation or not e.g offer to help with shopping, take the dog out, make dinner etc.

11. Ask them how they are feeling often

12. Give them HuGs and KiSses ‚̧

I’m sure there are others, if you know of some please comment below.

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The Importance of Laughter :D

¬†Hey Hey!! ūüėÄ

I found something that is used a lot in relationships, especially when people are looking for a¬†romantic interest,¬†they always have this on the top of their lists- Some one who can make them laugh ūüėÄ

Laughing is one of those things that can be very beneficial to you, I have a link to prove it: D

Laughter is the best medicine :http://www.helpguide.org/articles/emotional-health/laughter-is-the-best-medicine.htm

Relationships should be fun whether you are just starting out or been together for years, one thing you should never forget to do is laugh together. ¬†¬†You will be surprised by what it can do for you both. Here’s a list ūüėÄ

1. Releases stress

2. Makes awkward situations better

3. Brings you closer together

4. Makes you look more attractive ;0)

5. A way of having fun

6. Makes you feel good on the inside

To be able to laugh together in your relationship you need to:

1. Not be too serious

2. Be able to laugh at yourself

3. Have inside jokes

4.Have a sense of humour! ;0)

5. Be yourself! (don’t try too hard)


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