Conversation about my Ex

Hey Hey! 😀

I received a message from someone who seemed very interested in my background. He was Asian but very interested in the Indian culture. He watched Bollywood films, listened to the music, learnt a bit of Hindi and ate the food. He seemed like quite a smart guy(doctor!!).

I did enjoy speaking to him but the conversation went to a place where I didn’t think it would. We talked about my ex. Not a little but quite a lot. So much that we ended up having a phone call. We discussed a lot of things about relationships, both his and mine. He did seem quite worried about my situation to be honest. How it was effecting me and how I was dealing with it.

 He decided that dating was not ideal for the two of us after hearing my story but wanted to continue a friendship. I still speak to him now and we do keep up to date with each others “dating” experience:D

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Conversation about my Ex

    • Well I have my Furry Princess(the dog) which my Special Someone and I had shared and as I have a picture of her on my profile I do get comments about her so in turn my ex gets brought up regardless. I will say however that before I had her picture up I did have people ask questions about what I am looking for and how long my last relationship was and then the conversation about exes just comes up. If you are meeting the person off line and have your first proper conversation on the date then maybe wait until the other person brings up their ex first but I wouldn’t think it was ideal as one of my first dates I mentioned my ex a lot and it was not well received as they thought I hadn’t moved on but in reality I am just good friends with him so I mention him with out another thought.


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