Respect Yourself and You will be Respected in turn

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I am sure in some of my previous posts I have mentioned similar things to this but I feel I should give respect it’s own post ;0)

People are giving themselves less respect when it comes to relationships and they feel that they have no worth, however there are also people who feel that they should disrespect their bodies by putting themselves in certain situations that they aren’t quite comfortable with, whether it due to relationships, friendships or social situations in general.

One thing that is important to remember is that no matter what anyone else says, do things because that is what you want for you and in your life and because that is what you like.

I was talking to my cousin about stuff and she inspired me to write this post because of what we she said to me about my “empowering” (her word not mine ;0P)words. Sadly I could not remember exactly what I said but I am going to have a go at something similar, so bear with me 😀

“You are a well brought up, smart and beautiful girl (guy if any guys are reading ;0))and deserve to be Loved and respected. People are always going to think certain things about you and say certain things and treat you a certain way because they think its ok and that the fact they can charm you will make it seem like you won’t notice that they are disrespecting you and playing around with you and you will fall for it. Never forget that you are worth something, worth more then they will ever know and that you won’t allow anyone to treat you than less your worth. Keep your head screwed on and use your common sense to work people out and always show respect for yourself for when you do people will start to respect you too

Hopefully this is making some sense as I really can’t remember what I said :0( But basically what I am trying to say is Love and respect you and your body because you are special and deserve lots and the people that are genuine will love and respect you back.

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