Public Displays of Affection: How much is too much?

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I thought we would talk about being affectionate … in public.

When you are in a relationship there will be times when you are in public and are being close and maybe things start happening. A lot of people tend to have a little trouble knowing how much is too much ;0)

When I first started going out with my Special Someone we did have a bit of PDAs but it was pretty much just kissing and I don’t think we done anything more then that, except for maybe a couple of times. Although I do have to say that we did practically nothing compared to some people :O

When you like someone and want to express yourself you may want to remember a few things just to keep yourself civilised and avoid going a little too far.

Out on the street

If you going to be out and about hand holding, a hug and a quick kiss on the lips are quite acceptable in my opinion

Hands on bums and tongues down throats isn’t really what people want to find when they walk down the street :s

In the car

If you in your car well I think a little bit of making out is ok ;0)

Touching and removing clothes could get you arrested… I think! :0

In the park

Holding hands, hugs and kisses are nice

Secretly making love with clothes on or skinny dipping in the pond is not a good idea for hygiene reasons for one and for others.

In the cinema

Holding hands only!!

If you doing anything else they chuck you out!

Hehe! 😉

Public displays of affection are at your own risk….

Be warned! :0P

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Relationships you want- Ina and Jeffery Garten

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I have always enjoyed watching what comes on Food Network and one of my favourite shows is the Barefoot Contessa 😀 I have always admired Ina and her husband Jeffery’s relationship as he does make an appearance on her show sometimes.

What they do for each other

Jeffery seems to have a busy job but does make appearances on his wife’s show.

Ina always thinks about Jeffery and talks about him while she is cooking

Jeffery sometimes surprises Ina with flowers, a book or treats on his way home from work.

Ina does include Jeffery in her cooking whether he becomes her taster or he does a small job for her.


What their relationship includes50a968a4203199c54b232d3627f33c12



Romantic meals

47 years of marriage

                                                                      A relationship over 50 years                                                                                     

Overall this relationship shows:

It is possible to have a long term relationship

No matter how old you get Love never changes

Even if you both have busy lives it is still possible to have a happy relationship

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Being Alone and Independent

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I thought I would talk about alone time :D:D







In a relationship we do get attached to our other half but do start to forget our own independence. When we first started out in our relationships we did a lot more for ourselves, then we do after being in a relationship for awhile and it isn’t a good thing.

I remember first being in a relationship and always wanting to pay my own way but my Special Someone always wanted to be the “Gentleman” and pay for all our meals out.

I remember getting the bus to my Special Someone’s place and allowing him to drop me home. Then he wanted to pick me up and drop me off home.

I remember dealing with all my situations using my friends for support and advice until I started telling my Special Someone everything.

There are many other things that used to happen that slowly made me lose some of my independence when I started a relationship with my Special Someone but some I did regain. For example when I managed to have work I did pay for our meals out and we came up with a routine of alternate treating to lunch. One week I would pay and one week my Special Someone would pay. There are certain things I like to do on my own and there are certain things I like to do with my Special Someone but one thing we both do is keep certain things separate and enjoy what we do share together.

I know some people in relationships who have mutual friends, work together or share a place to live and in my opinion sometimes it does make things difficult if you don’t try to do things on your own or have space without your other half. If you don’t have separate friends of your own to have your own time it will always be assumed that you will always go out together as a group and sometimes a bit of girl time (or boy time- if there are any guys reading my blog. P.S Welcome to my blog post!!!) can do you some good and it is an important thing to have too. Being at work together and then having “home” time or days off together it will be difficult to get away from work. Living together is a nice thing but if you are not married and are used to living alone or with your family it will be a big adjustment to have time that is just for you if your partner wants to spend lots of time together.

I would suggest going out on your own and being with your own friends when you get the chance and not relying on your other half to go with you everywhere. Eventually you will get sick of each other especially when they really won’t enjoy going or doing certain things that you like. If you are always together you will never know what its like to be on your own and you are never going to get a chance to miss your other half. When you are out on your own you have an opportunity to do things how you want and not have to make a decision together which is an opportunity to broaden your horizon and find out more about yourself.

Working together is a tough one but if you spend too much time together at work in the same department around the same hours and are also making the journey home together you will get fed up. If you can see if you can get a transfer or try another job within the same company, anything to have a bit of independence and not be helping each other out at work. Work is work and personal life is personal life and it’s better to not be a part of “office gossip”.

When you have been in a relationship for so long and since you were quite young, your other half becomes your security blanket for everything. You need to experience life your way but enjoy your partner your way too. Don’t mix things too much and rush in to being completely committed together before marriage. Enjoy every stage of your relationship as it comes but don’t be afraid to experience things and enjoy things for yourself.

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Relationships You Want- Beauty and the Beast

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I thought I will start a new post thingy with couples both fictional and real.

I was thinking of starting with a Disney couple as they are always fun to think about and I have always admired the particular couple from Beauty and the Beast. Belle and the Beast (or Adam as they named him in a CD-ROM game)

The relationship of this couple didn’t exactly start in a very romantic or ideal way, I mean being taken in to be  prisoner to free your father and take his place wouldn’t be a common thing. However the Beast’s intentions are very clear, he needs Belle to break the spell and so wants her to Love him which is a bit more normal except for the spell breaking thing.

What the Beast and Belle do for each other. Beauty-Beast

 Belle looks past the way the Beast looks and actually gets to know the person underneath all that hair :0)

Even though the Beast is short tempered and selfish he does care for Belle and goes to save her from the wolves after she almost touched the enchanted rose.

Belle got yelled at by the Beast and runs away but gets attacked by wolves. She could have still chosen to run away after the Beast helps her but she chose to help him back to the castle and bathe his wounds.

The Beast sees how much Belle Loves and misses her father and even though his life is on the line he chooses to let her go be with her father… because he LOVES her :D:D

Belle says thank you to the Beast even after he hurts her.

At the dinner table the Beast has gotten used to his beastly ways and has no table manners, but for Belle he chooses to try and make an effort in being a gentleman.

Belle comes back to save the Beast when Gaston heads off to the castle to kill him because he is jealous.

The Beast surprises Belle with something she really loves. Books! Not just any books but a whole beautiful library full of books 😀 Surprises!

What their relationship includes

They have live music at dinner  which is always nice 😀

They dress up for dinner and dancing.

Snowball fights!

Reading by the fireplace.

Magical friends 😀


Overall this relationship shows :

That people can change

Looks aren’t everything and it is what’s inside that counts

True Love can save lives!!

Thinking and caring for others can only improve things

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