Relationships you want: Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman

 Hey Hey! 😀


I found these two awhile ago on YouTube in the Ever After High webisodes and thought they were so adorable.

Ashlynn Ella is the Daughter of Cinderella and a Royal in the story and Hunter Huntsman is the Son of the Huntsman is a Rebel in the story. Their relationship has to be kept secret as Royals and Rebels can’t be together.

Lets hope Cinderella’s daughter gets her Happily Ever After!

What they do for each other

Hunter buys Ashlynn her favourite SHOES!imagesTFHWTBTO

Ashlynn ends their relationship so that their stories don’t disappear and something bad happens to Hunter because they don’t follow their destiny

Hunter sets up flowers and lunch in the canteen for Ashlynn

Ashlynn gives Hunter a Heart blossom on True Hearts Day to show that they have true love

Hunter attempts a disguise and a fake name (Gunter Gunstman-he did try ;0)) to be with Ashlynn while they get advice from Cedar Wood on their relationship .

Ashlynn takes a brave step and reveals her relationship with Hunter to everyone (see picture below left) including her friend Apple White (picture below right) so that no one finds any other way

What their relationship includes

tumblr_n0hs1uNk3L1r006fqo1_500Romantic picnics! images


Disappoint from friends

Heart carved in a tree with initials

             Flower garlands

Hand holding (Aww)

 Overall this relationship shows

Love can happen between anyone

It’s ok to follow your heart

People will eventually try to understand and be supportive even if they weren’t before

You can choose your own destiny

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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