Being stood up

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Another sad blog post!

Getting asked out, getting ready to go out, getting a table and waiting for your date, getting told the restaurants closing with out your date arriving. Typical dating scene in movies but it can happen in real life too (some of you may have already experienced it or know of someone who has experienced it) and I think it might be something important to talk about.

Rejection in any one’s book is very difficult to deal with, especially when something as embarrassing and humiliating as getting stood up by someone is, it isn’t so bad and I will tell you why.

1.You didn’t even get to date this person so you are not attached in anyway

2.You will find someone you will actually get to have a date with

3.You managed to filter the dating pool by not even dating the one who thought it would be funny to stand you up

4.Someone who doesn’t value your time doesn’t deserve you

5.You will learn to appreciate someone more because of this experience(Thank you Mr. Who stood me up)

6.You also learnt that value of punctuality is important

7. This counts as kissing frogs to find your prince ;0)

8.The person who stood you up misses out on someone wonderful 😀 (Yep, i am talking about you;0) )

9. You now have someone you can let out your frustrations on or ignore completely and act like nothing happened

10. You can spend time with the person you really Love! (YOU!)

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Love Yourself!

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Important thing!!


I have talked a lot about relationships but I think we are forgetting an important person 😀 YOU! ;0)

When it comes to you, how much do you Love yourself? Do you have alone time? Do you pamper yourself? Do you even like yourself?

If you not too sure about these answers then you may want to think about doing things for yourself because when you do get in to a relationship, it will be difficult for the other person to Love you, when you don’t Love you.

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There are some people that I know of, that feel very low about themselves, they don’t like themselves but want to be in a relationship. It will be hard to come out of this negative thinking, but you do need to focus on your good points first to get any where 😀  Please click the links above to see what I’ve written above and be prepared for more stuff in this blog post 😀

What I’ve noticed with a lot of people is that they want things, but don’t want to do anything about it and yes I will say that sometimes some work is needed for things to get done. If you would like to be in a relationship and want someone to Love you then work on Liking and Loving yourself as a person first, to “attract” someone to you ;0)

Knowing you

I think the first step to liking yourself is knowing yourself. The key to your happiness! What do you like? What do you enjoy doing? What are your favourite things? Do you have anything interesting about yourself? When you have your answers then make a step forward to encourage all those things that you like. If wearing red makes you feel good then wear it more often. If you enjoy cooking Mexican food then try out as many different Mexican recipes. Whatever it maybe do what you like as often as you can and if you don’t know what you like then find out. Spend some time trying things out and talking to others and find new things that you enjoy and that make you happy in your spare time.

Sharing yourself with others

When you have encouraged what you like and what makes you happy now is the time to share it with others. I know sometimes there are certain things that you would like to keep to yourself but I think it is important to share your interests and talents with others (even if you keep something secret to keep things mysterious ;0)) When sharing your interest there are many ways to do it. If you like baking maybe invite a friend to do some baking together and you can show them your recipes and your icing skills and if you are quite crafty, use your talent to make gifts for your friends and family on special occasions or anything else you can think of.

Be Alone

I know this sounds quite strange but it is rather important. When you go out do you always go with someone or are you quite happy on your own and I don’t mean going round the block for take way or dropping a package at the post office I mean spending at least a couple of hours going out alone. I have done this before when my Special Someone started jury service and I wasn’t able to see him much so I ended up spending the days we would have spent together on my own. It was a bit hard to do but in the end I actually enjoyed going on my own, doing things I wanted, spending how long I wanted on things and when I was ready to go home.

Being on your own and doing things on your own and doing things for your own happiness whether you are attached or not, is important so get out there and do things for you!! 😀

Be happy for you! ;0)

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My Hero!

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This one is a bit random but thought I would talk about it:-D

How many of you have watched a Bollywood film or any kind of film with an action scene where the guy saves the girl (his Lover! ;0)) by almost killing all the bad guys?

How many of you can see the romantic side of it through the blood and flying bodies on the T.V.?

and How many of you have thought about the consequences of your Hero’s actions?

I have had a few situations where I have wanted someone to experience something painful because of what they have done to me but I have always known it is wrong. My Special Someone however thinks differently. He is quite happy to go “save the day” whenever someone tries to hurt me. It’s sweet in a very surreal way, but I don’t agree violence is ever the answer (even if you feel they deserve it). I would always worry about what the consequences are of beating someone up. Would he get arrested? Will someone gang up on him and try to hurt him? Best to not go there.

I have always made it very clear to my Special Someone that no matter what anyone does to me he shouldn’t lay a finger on anyone. If something needs to be done it should be firm words or just walking away. Sometimes you just have to be the bigger person.

My advice to all your girls and guys out there, don’t be a hero!!! Unless you are using your words. Bad things happen to people who try to do the wrong thing for the right reasons. I do actually have an actual example of this too.

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Coping with Depression- Your Loved One’s Depression

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This post is the second part to a previous post I wrote which was about you and your depression.

Click link to see post :https://thesweetestpartsoflove.wordpress.com/2015/09/29/coping-with-depression-your-depression

If your Loved one is suffering from depression

My Experience

At the time of my Special Someone’s depression I had not experienced my own depression and I was a lot younger, in my early 20s and had not known anyone who had suffered from this condition. It was very hard for me to cope with the emotions, the behaviour and anything else he was going through and I tried my very best to be as understanding as possible. As it was one of my first serious relationships, I had a lot of  new things to deal with as it is, but I always made sure not to give up on him. We did have problems and it was hard to get through certain situations especially when a certain someone can be a little bit stubborn :0P

How I coped

We did make a small rule though that whenever things were bit bad we would try do something fun after. When it came to my Special Someone wanting space and time alone it was very hard to understand why as we didn’t get to spend a lot of time together because of other responsibilities and cutting out even more time just was too much. I did have to do one of two things, either let him have his way and trust it would improve things or try and make things happen by turning up at his place. Most of the time I have been right in my choices but I do wonder when I will get it wrong.

When my Special Someone was feeling down about a certain something I did try to make sure he knew that I was always there to talk and that I would try to help or at least listen to his problems and feelings. I also tried to suggest he get out of the house more rather then locking himself away, which tends to be his go to solution. My Special Someone at certain times has taken in the fact that he is not a burden on me and when he isn’t feeling good he does ring me while he takes the Furry Princess out for a walk or when he is feeling down late at night. I do my best to listen carefully to everything he says to me, even though he does tend to repeat things  everyday. I just listen to everything again and again as I know he is processing through stuff.

If I am aware of certain things he likes or enjoys I will make an effort to keep him happy in what way I can. I do make sure that I know I won’t see him the way he used to be for quite some time, which is really disappointing.  

My Advice to you 

What I would suggest to any of you dealing with a suffering partner is to just Love them. Love them when they are sad, angry and lonesome. Being there for them when they need you is the best thing you can do. Do little things they like but also get them motivated to do certain things which will benefit them, even when they don’t want to etc. going out for a walk If they do need therapy or any other medical help do be supportive in what way you can and never ask them what happened during their sessions. If they want you to know they will tell you. Another thing to keep in mind is to never tell them off or tell them they should snap out of it. If you behave in any accusing way they will shut you out.

Good Luck to all of you and I really hope you and your Special Someone get through this difficult period together.

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