Love to Hate You!

 Hey Hey! 😀

I just thought I would share a nice thought with you all and that is hating your other half but loving them too or just Loving to hate them ;0)

I have a favourite song by a singer I don’t often listen to much but still enjoy which I will share with you now that may give you an example of what I am talking about. Please click link below. Pink- True Love

There are times in a relationship when you feel that there are so many things that you absolutely detest about your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner. Maybe they leave a damp towel on the bed, leave the toilet seat up, fart while in bed, do terrible accents and many other irritating things that you just hate but would miss when they were gone(yes I did say miss- you will!!).

Me and my Special Someone have a lot of things that annoy the other and at the time it makes us want to scream!! but when we get annoyed at each other and try to have some alone time we start to miss the other one. I  always hated it when my Special Someone will just let himself go when we are out and about, in bed or just any where near each other but I actually remember a time when I heard someone fart and it instantly saddened me and made me think of my Special Someone. It is very surreal but there you go ;0)

I have always been in a position where I have always Loved the fact that there are these littles things we both don’t like as sometimes I enjoy our little rough and tumble, play fight, name calling random thingy things that we do.

No matter how much I feel like I don’t like him, I Love him 10 times more but I Love to hate him a 100 times more then that ;0) But just so you know it’s nice when things are nice too 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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