Being Someone Else

 Hey Hey! 😀

I think you know what this is about, the clue is in the title ;0)

One thing I can definitely tell you is that I have never tried to be anyone else even though I was never a particularly popular or well known person at school/ work or anywhere else, I always was myself. I never pretended to be different even though it wasn’t nice at times, I got there in the end.

When you are dating or in a relationship always be yourself, you are an interesting and fun individual (no matter what horrible stuff you think of yourself) and someone will like you for you even if it takes a bit longer then you expected. Never change yourself for a guy or a girl. NEVER! 😀

When I started dating at 19years old I was a bit odd, I had long black hair and wore a lot of black, I was awkward, shy and just well not like a lot of the other girls that guys seemed to go for. Surprisingly I got dates and even more surprisingly there was more dates and even a relationship, even though I pulled faces and gave people weird nicknames they actually liked me. My Special Someone is someone who liked my appearance strange enough but within 6months he had fallen for me and before you know it we were heading for a long term relationship. It can happen and just a little reminder for you I was myself.

When I came to first dates I never hid myself, I always tried to be open with who I was, because if they think we have something in common and we don’t or think I am their dream girl when I’m not, we are just giving false hope. If I eat with my hands normally then I would eat with my hands, if I had my own weird sense of humour that not everyone understood I wouldn’t keep it to myself and If I like certain things that would be embarrassing to admit it wouldn’t matter if they know because I like what I like 😀

Trying to be who you are not will be a stressful and awkward and basically a lie during the beginning of your relationship. We have all lied at some point in a our life and I’m sure we all know what it is like when one lie equals a hundred and you have spent some much time and effort and thoughts on keeping track of what you said to who that you just go crazy. It’s exhausting and not a good thing to be doing especially when you want the Love and attention of your date. Imagine if it was the other way around and you’ve met this incredible person and then you find out that you don’t even know who they really are because they were pretending to be someone else, someone they thought you would like. Very messy! Yes it is good to be able to be perfect to your date or partner and give them what they like but not when it’s not real.

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