The Change about Friends

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Another post about friends.

I thought this might be something to talk about giving how I am feeling. Friends were always an important part of my life since I was 15, they were something that was top priority until we all got older and things changed. 

I was lucky to still have my friends into my 20’s from high school but the older we got and the less we saw or spoke to each other, things were just not the same. In a group there are always people you are slightly more closer to and people you were friends with because they were in your group but you never really “knew them” knew them. As time went on you did think that maybe you should actually get to “know” them and so went on to have one on one meets but then you realised that things just didn’t click and you just weren’t sure what you thought of them and then being in other situations like visiting their house or staying over you realise you just don’t like them as a person. Situation I definitely had!

I also had those friends that I wanted to make more time for and make more of an effort with to bring them out of their shell so to speak. You would call them and message them more and try to have more time alone with them, to really connect and have deep and meaningful conversations. This was one of those times when you would try to share things, make yourself available to them and offer things all the time but in the end these friends just never changed. Those friends would continue to wait for you to call, never organise to meet and would never reveal anything but they would lap up every thing you said to them. Not good at all! (sometimes they will even gossip even when they have been sworn to secrecy)

Friends at this time are different for me. I don’t view them as important as before, as I am no longer important to them and I will only give importance to the ones I consider important, who in turn view me as important ;0) (did I confuse me!- I mean you hehe) 

Friends are one of those things that you have to work out who is right and who isn’t, who will stay and who will go. The older you get the more you have to put in effort in as you don’t see each other every day and will get on with other stuff in life, like family, jobs, volunteering, boyfriends/girlfriends, pets, chores etc. and you will need to organise time for each other. A lot of my friends have gone their separate ways due to marriage and other reasons but I have made new friends and refreshed with old friends and I have discovered a new friendship that has really been good for me. Even though my previous friends are no longer around I view it in a way that letting go is easy. I am happy and hope to gain new friendships and strengthen the friendships I already have.

I make time for my friends but sometimes they got to make time for you!

Share Your Thoughts! 😀 

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