Yes or No!: Yaak Rak Gaw Loey- Thai film

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Thought I would share something different for todays post 😀

My Favourite Thai Film!!! :D:D

Yes or No: Yaak Rak Gaw Rak Loey which apparently mean Lets love as you wish.(Well that sounds nice doesn’t it ;0))

I decided to tell you about this film because its a little bit out there and as soon as I watched it I wanted to watch it again and again, also because it is actually a popular film outside of Thailand :D:D So much that there is a sequel which I will talk about later 😀

First things first!!

Firstly the short haired person in the photo is not a boy!

and secondly, yes this film is a Lesbian theme BUT it is in no way embarrassing or awkward, you’ll be surprised at what this film really is. I think the people that made it really tried something different compared to other films.




 This is actually a very sweet Love story about an unlikely relationship between two girls, one who dresses like a boy and what they would call a “Tom” in the film, but she is not a Lesbian and one who doesn’t like Homosexuality because of her strong traditional background and her Mum!

The types of characters they have chosen makes this film even better.

Kim: (the “Tom”) very kind and sweet who likes plants and cooking in her little rice cooker, she can also sing and play an instrument- Great Girlfriend material or what??

Pie: very stubborn and emotional who likes fish, her favourite being jellyfish, she worries about what people think of her an Kim – Little High maintenance but she is my favourite 😀

Jane: Heartbroken from a break up with her girlfriend, desperately looking for Love. She likes Kim, she is also Pies best friend- I do feel sorry for the girl, very pretty but unlucky in Love

P’van: likes Pie and wants to be in a relationship with her- Seems bit too serious for my liking

Nerd: is a very quiet and strange girl- I bet there is something very interesting about why she is the way she is

Boy: he has a strange haircut and I think he is Gay- I think he would be great to meet in real life!

Pie’s Mother: she wants what is best for Pie but doesn’t know what she wants- Seems caring but very strict

Sucharat “Aom” Manaying

I really enjoyed this film because it was really different from a lot of other love stories that I have watched, one reason being the obvious and the fact that whoever had decided to make this film had put a lot of thought in it to make it possible for anyone to like it.

Its funny, its cute and I think the two heroines work perfectly. This film did make me cry a lot, it really gets your emotions going and you really do hope for Pie and Kim to have a happy ending and any film that does that usually is a good one, Also it has my favourite Thai actress Sucharat “Aom” Manaying 😀 Some of you may recognise her from the Strawberry Cheesecake T. V show, I have only had a quick glance on Youtube but I have no idea what was going on and it was very noisy!!! :0

This story really makes you think about how one relationship can bring up so many different things to deal with, sacrifices, secrets, embarrassment etc. but when it comes down to it can you be brave enough to see your relationship through? Definitely something to watch as when you do you will want the relationship that these two share in the film. They are a very sweet couple 😀 You will become their fan too!!

Here is a song that has some really meaningful lyrics, the video content is not film footage but it still a sweet story they make. See link below 😀


If you would like to watch, please see the link below for the film with English subtitles


For those of you who may not want to watch but are still interested to read about it, please see the link below 😀


Please share your thoughts on this one :D:D:D

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Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter!!! 😀450912383_4b92cb0a6b_o

I hope you all enjoy the day and the chocolates too ;0)

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Missing You

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I thought that this was an appropriate topic for how I am feeling now. I haven’t spoken to my Special Someone for a little while now and all I can think about is I wonder what he is doing right now and is he thinking of me too?

There are times in your relationship when you will be apart, whether it is due to going away for work or holiday, taking a break from each other, being busy at work, having family stuff and all the other stuff that just comes up and when you aren’t living together it becomes a problem. You miss them. A lot.

People have said that being apart makes the heart grow fonder, well it’s about right, but the phrase as romantic as it sounds really isn’t romantic in practice. You just go a little bit crazy in yourself. You want to talk to them because you can’t, you want to be with them when you can’t and you feel so helpless and sad. You try to distract yourself with other parts of your life but at the end of the day this person is a big part of your life and it’s hard to not think of them and wonder what they are doing and when you will be able to be with each other again. I will tell you one thing and that is be strong it will be worth it in the end 😀 It will also give you a chance to focus on yourself and get on with some stuff and that is a good thing.


Just a little message for you Special One if you reading I Miss You! ❤

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Furry Princess ;0)- Dog sitting the Fur baby

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A recent experience inspired me to write this post and I want to share 😀 

My Special Someone had been offered an opportunity to experience something new to do with business with his friend but he forgot about a certain little someone…

When he realised that he would be leaving our Furry Princess on her own for FOUR days, he decided that he had no choice but to stay home and reject his friend’s business proposal, but again he forgot about a certain little someone…

Mummy to the rescue!! ;0)

My Special Someone had made me the mother of our Furry Princess and had completely forgotten all about me (tut tut) So nice Girlfriend that I am I offered to come down twice a day to feed her, let her out to the bathroom, take her round the block and spend some quality mummy daughter time together while he went out of town for his friend’s business stuff ;0)

I spent four lovely days with my girl and it wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be, spending time alone with her without my Special Someone being there and with out her missing him and crying (I don’t think she even noticed he was gone :0P).

The first night I was worried, my Special Someone had left in the afternoon and I was going to come to his a few hours later for dinner time. After my girly had been to the bathroom I headed off and wanted to go bed and get up early to see her on time in the morning. She managed her first night fine and had no little accidents 😀 (Yay!) She ate half her breakfast and wanted to play so I took her out (lucky girl got out twice with me) I had to come back earlier and leave earlier later in the afternoon because of my class and she hadn’t gone to the bathroom and I couldn’t wait any longer so had to pray and hope she would be ok til I got back (I did ask her several times if she wanted out but no joy) The next day I could spend longer and after being very muddy before I had to give her a bath (lucky- again no accidents) I even cleaned in between her toes and claws I also mopped the bathroom, hallway and kitchen floor, vacuumed and dusted the whole house (Best Dog sitter ever). We played with the bubbles and her tennis ball and ended up losing it down the drain :0( Lucky we have a humongous bag of tennis balls to spare so we immediately replaced it before she started crying (the things we have to do) 

The day Daddy was going to arrive 😀 I was waiting for the Furry Princess to have breakfast but she was more interested in going out but as it was a cold day I had to put her coat on (yep- she has a coat, it’s not a cutesy pink one neither although she does look incredibly cute in it :0)) we had an encounter with another dog, it was a boy, looked a bit like a boxer and my girl was all set to take him on, all 20kilos of her (oh dear!) After telling her off and moving her away we started off home. Another incident popped up. She started walking funny. I looked over asking what’s wrong and figured maybe she needed the loo. She didn’t quite have her bum the way she normally does for pooping and she was kind of hovering and whining at me. I had to have a look. Her little poop was hanging from her bum :O This is a situation that has happened before according to my Special Someone. My hair falls out a lot in the house and then when her toys are rolling around on the floor, the hair gets wrapped round it. She then chews the toys and swallows the hair(this is the reason I tell my Special Someone to clean up more often!!). Hair doesn’t digest so comes out when she poops (Poor girly) My Furry Princess looked really embarrassed and Daddy wasn’t here and truth be told I have never done the poop bag thing… EVER! I do pick her poop up with the spade in the garden but when we out on walks my Special Someone picks it up :DI had to get involved.  (TMI coming up! )Found a tissue and used the poop bag as a glove and held on to the poop and pulled it up, wrapped it in the bag and tied the handles. YAY!! Success and the Furry Princess was all tail wags and dancing, Mummy saves the day ;0)

Love comes in all shapes, colours and sizes and the time I spent with my Furry Princess brought us closer together and I am very sure she Loves me even more then before especially when I saved the day!

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P.S That is not a picture of my dog but isn’t it such a sweet one 😀

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Loving Care

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When your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner isn’t feeling well or has any kind of health issues it is important to be as supportive and as caring as you can be. They might be feeling really lousy and may want to be left alone so as not to be a burden on anyone or they may want to be looked after. Whatever the case is do what you can for them. Make them feel Loved and wanted and make them feel that you are the “bestest!” Girlfriend/ Boyfriend/Partner EVER and that they are lucky to have you! ;0)

My Special Someone and I have been through a few things together from common colds to serious problems and we have always stuck together and tried to be as helpful as we can towards each other. I brought chicken curry over when My Special Someone had “Man flu”, we cuddled up together when there was back ache or period cramps and tried to be supportive as much as possible 😀

No matter what happens show your Love a bit of Loving Care ;0) 

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