Appreciation for what you have

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When you are in a long term relationship, sometimes there are couples or one half of the couple that get bored or feel that they aren’t doing enough in their relationship, but sometimes we forget to look a little closer at what you really have.

With me and my Special Someone there have been times when there has been doubt. After the years went by things were less exciting and new and I didn’t like it. Now there are times when I would give anything to have what we have now again and again because in spite of not being like other couples we have something unique and special all on its own. We can have fun, laugh and enjoy our time/day together with out doing very much or anything at all and I wouldn’t change it for anything else.

If you are reading this MR. Special Someone I Love You! x x x

What I will be telling you is that you may need to really look back at what you have done together and what you are doing now and see if there are days that stand out a bit and make you think about your other half in one of those Lovey Dovey thinking ways or even just how much fun you have together. Don’t want for too much or be too demanding as your other half does their best and you may not realise it but maybe there are things you aren’t doing either. Try and be supportive and understanding of each other and compromise because In the end you will realise that you have everything you will ever need right here.

Valentine Heart

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Sharing the Love!

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I was having a conversation with my cousin and some things came up which inspired me to write this post 😀 Some will save you a bit of money and make you more efficient as a couple.

I think a list would be nice.

Sharing the bath– why have two separate showers when you can have one bubble bath together ;0)

Ordering one dessert– Apparently eating something sweet from the same dish increases the Love

Not flushing the toilet unless you doing a number two– if you are anything like me and have a “small” bladder you will pee loads and the amount of water that goes down every time you flush is a waste. With your other half if one of you uses the toilet and the other one needs it next – don’t flush ;0) 

Groom each other– I know it sounds weird but if one of you can help the other tweeze, wax, cut hair or anything else for the other then why not. Plus apparently it’s a very intimate thing to do for each other and brings you closer.

Mini buffet– Me and my Special Someone can’t really do this but if you can, go for it 😀 Order two meals and share both with each other, this way you can get filled up and not have to buy dessert.

Teary tissue- having an emotional moment together, share a tissue. With all the bodily fluids you exchange (I know it sound gross but it isn’t) why not tears. Crying together you go through a lot of tissues- don’t waste!. However I would draw the line at blowing your nose I won’t consider it wasting;0)

Water bottle – I am protective of my water bottle as my other half is one of those “I’ll just have a sip but its really half the bottle” types but if he is thirsty I will let him have a drink. It saves on carrying lots of stuff if we drink from the same bottle. We have shared drinks at restaurants too. It’s a nice thing 😀

There are a lot of other things but we only have so much post to write on ;0)

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Yes or No 2.5: Back to Love Thai film threequel

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Characters (from left): Pii, Fah, Pimalad and Wine

I finally found another film 😀

It did not have my favourite girl in it, however I recommend you all watch it especially if you enjoyed  the first two. This one however has all new characters even though they have used Suppanad “Tina” Jittaleela again who played the character Kim in the first two films, this time she has a new haircut and is playing a character called Wine. This story has 4 main characters who are all connected in some way. Wine Loves Pimlada, Pimlada who was her crush who now has a boyfriend who has a friend and roommate called Fah who likes Pii who is Wines room mate and bestfriend :D:D Confused?

In this film it is hard to not think of Sucharat “Aom” Manaying who played Pie in the film with Kim but when you get passed that and focus on what is going on its ok 😀

In this film there is lots going on with the characters personally and you do start to realise how complicating Love and relationships can be, the struggle, the loss, disappointment and even jealousy that exists. You feel for the characters and hope they all get their happy ending.

To watch the film please click the link:


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Yes or No2: Rak Mai Rak Ya Kak Loei Thai film sequel

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This is the sequel to the film Yes or No. It is called Yes or No 2: Rak Mai Rak Ya Kak Loei which means Come back to me.

This shows the couple after celebrating their first year anniversary starting to prepare for their internships. Both Pie and Kim’s relationship have to deal with being long distance and to add to things they introduce a new character, Yam.

I did enjoy this film but not as much as the first as it shows Pie to be a bit evil in this film and you do feel sorry for Kim, as she does try her best to keep Pie happy with little want of anything in return. Yam may seem like the evil third wheel but she will actually gain your sympathy in this film which is kind of surprising as you would expect her to want to steal Kim and be horrible to Pie. I still think this did pretty well as a sequel to the first film and definitely worth a watch 😀

This film shows that any relationship no matter how perfect they seem will have problems and that you have to find a way to get through it even though your emotions sometimes gets the best of you whether its not getting what you want or gaining the support from a “friend”.

I am looking forward to more films! 😀

Pie and Kim forever!! 😀

If you would like to watch please see the link below for the film with English subtitles :


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