Just Broke Our Phone Call Record

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I was reminded of something from what happened recently and that was length of time you talk on the phone. My Special Someone and I had a phone call for 3hours a couple years back and that was quite a lot for us both considering we normally have an hour phone call once a day. This time round we broke that record and were on the phone for 3hours and 50minutes!! :D:D

I have to say it wasn’t a bunch of random dribble or sweet nothings it was one of our best conversations we have had. We spoke about everything possible. We connected in a whole different way and I am so looking forward to more talks like this.

Communication is important, which is something I say often but it’s important in another way then the reason I normally mention. This reason is making a connection, finding some common ground, not realising how fast the time is going and getting so caught up in the conversation that you don’t realise how many topics you have spoken about and how long you have been talking for.

When you find someone that you can have that with you know it’s with someone special. A person that you could never run out of things to say to and who could never get enough of listening and talking to you. Never let that person go. That’s my advice for you. Hold on to them 😀

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Love Sick Romance!

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I have another thing! I’m sure you have read a similar post to this one in the name of Loving care (if you haven’t, have a look ;0)) but this one is different. This post is about having you or your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner being ill, having an infection etc. and you still being as close an affection as you were when healthy. Growing up I always tried to maintain a safe distance from other to prevent them from catching my cold or anything else I had which included no more sharing my water bottle, holding hands, allowing my stationary to be borrowed and anything else where my germs could spread.

Once I got into a relationship things somehow changed. I was still very awkward about being too close, kissing, sharing water bottles (I always carried one, I get dehydrated …it’s not weird) and any other boyfriend/girlfriend related thing where my germs could pass and my Special Someone got my cold. However it didn’t make a difference to my Special Someone, he still kissed me (on the lips) held my hand, hugged me and made Love to me. He even nicked a sip from my water from both my bottle and my glass at the restaurant. I thought it was a bad thing and told him he would get ill from being close to me but he didn’t care. We joked about after talking about slimey germy kisses and coughy sneezy cuddles. Colds were never the same with my Special Someone, you might say it was one of the most romantic illnesses I ever had <3(I know it’s cheesy but I’m going with it :D:D)

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2 Year Blog-aversary! :D

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I have now been blogging about Love stuffs for two years 😀

Happy Blog-aversary! 😀  YAY!!

 I am so appreciative of all the people that are still following me and have been liking and commenting on my posts. I will continue to post more blog posts that will hopefully keep you interested til next year :0P (even if it doesn’t I will continue anyway hehe)


Rexina :0) 

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Furry Princess ;0)- For the Love of Female Dogs

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Not really any connection to the post but look how cute this dog is :D:D eeeee!

I found this draft which I made 2years ago and I never put it up on my blog so figured I may as well now ;op

Well my Furry Princess is my sweet one and she’s had a major operation and I’ve had a tough time making sure me and my Special Someone are doing ok. We were waiting the entire day to bring her back home and we were very worried about the risks.                   

She is home and doing fine but she needs to be looked after and we do need to be careful with her so that during the recovery stage she heals up nice and proper.

Just a little message out there for ya. Getting your pets neutered is a very important step to take in pet ownership and it’s the best thing for your pet according to many vets and pet websites.

My Furry Princess is a female dog (as if you didn’t know ;0p) and it is called spaying to get her neutered. There are many reasons of why this operation is important for your female dog.

  • The most obvious one is that it prevents Pregnancy 
  • Reduces the risk of Breast Cancer
  • After having a season they may have a false pregnancy which could cause medical and behavioural problems
  • Females in heat have their season last up to three weeks
  • You will have a big job of dealing with a pregnant dog, the labour as well as the several mouths to feed once the pups start weaning (moving on from mothers milk)
  • Reduces risk of Pyometra (infection of the uterus)
  • Reduces risk of Ovarian, Cervical and Uterine Tumours

Spaying your female dog is normally more expensive then Castrating your male dog as it is a little bit more complicating but its important that you get it done.
Some Dog charities offer free neutering vouchers if you can’t afford to get the operation done so try and look up them up online. We used Dog’s Trust.

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P.S As this post was 2years ago you will know that our Furry Princess recovered well and as had no side effects, infections or bad reactions. Her stitchings have healed up nicely and the scar is just about visible. She is a happy and healthy girl and my Special Someone and I are glad we got it over and done with when we did.


Friends First

8929616448_6c6e38d7ea_oHey Hey! 😀

I don’t know if I have talked about this before but I figured we should at some point 😀

I always thought the idea of being friends first was a great idea even though I never had a guy friend ;0S Well i have now but it’s no big improvement I have like one ;0)

During my online making friends days which I am sure I have mentioned in previous posts I had my Ex Boyfriend, again he is probably in old blog posts too who became my friend for 5months before we got in a relationship. That was my first and only friend first experience and I honestly thought it was a good thing at the time. After….not so much. My experience wasn’t good and I will tell you why, well the main reason is that I based our relationship and dating/love life on our friendship. Thinking that aside from being more affectionate, spending more time together and having different kind of Love feelings for each other our relationship would be basically us as friends but more… right? Wrong! Our friendship was very light hearted, we laughed and joked about things and never had serious conversations and when it came down to it I didn’t really “know him” know him. When it comes to a relationship you are more in to detail and an on a need to know basis just doesn’t cut it. I had only accepted to “upgrade” our relationship because I thought we were good friends and could become an even better couple. How very wrong I was :0(

Even though my experience of “Friends First”  didn’t exactly work out I still believe it is still a good way to get in to the dating thing. I have talked about dating in previous posts and I have mentioned how intimidating and awkward it can be sometimes, so choosing to just meet up as friends without really labelling anything or even revealing you like the other person, you can find out a bit more about them before you go ahead and drop the “D” word ;0) (long sentence I know phew!)

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