Update on my Love Life!

Hey Hey!

I have had a little update in the world of relationships and here I am putting my heart on the line to attempt a relationship once again. I have been hurt badly before and have been down the road of online dating and eventually found someone which was bit of a whirlwind and then who disappeared on me altogether in the past. Right now my update is that I now I have a BOYFRIEND 😀

This time round I’ve met someone in real life meaning not from online and we have both been talking everyday and meeting up when we can. I’m in an awkward place where I feel happy but afraid to let myself get too close and I guess previous experiences has now caused this, especially since with the Long Haired one I tried to put as much effort as I could in to it and ended up losing him after all. With this relationship I am going to take things as they come and try and keep a good enough balance.  

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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