Songs of Love: Honeymoon Stage/Lovey Dovey Day -Dreamin’

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I have been listeningĀ to a lot of Ariana Grande songs and this particular song is one of my favourites right now, its called Daydreamin’ and is from Ariana’s Yours Truly album.

ToĀ listen to the song please click the link below. I was not able to find a music video (not sure there is one) but I did find lyrics:Ā Ā 


This song seems to have a slight older style to it and there is a conversation or the sound ofĀ a radio orĀ T.V in theĀ backgroundĀ at the end of it. This song really does give you that lovey dovey feel of just thinking about someone you really like or Love. Ariana’s voice is incredibly beautiful and I really recommend you listen to this song :D:D:D

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