Meet the parents :D- I finally brought someone home!

Hey Hey! 😀

I don’t think I ever mentioned this but here it is now. I have never brought a guy home to meet my parents!! :O:O:O

(the lions are just from my previous blog Meet the Parents click link below to read: in spite of 3boyfriends including the long term one I could never tell my family bout me dating….However lucky number 4 got to experience it first hand on his side as well as mine. This wasn’t particularly a proper meeting as it was an impulse for him to come collect me from for our date. It didn’t exactly go to plan but I do feel that the fact that I  even took this step means that I am really serious bout the Sweet One being in my life. I finally tried to be brave and take a bit more control of what I want. This meet was very short so I am planning to do this again maybe teatime or dinner or something when my siblings aren’t around so the Sweet One can talk to my parents. I know there may be somethings they wont approve of but all I need for now is the awareness and acceptance and as for the liking him stuff  that will come when they get to know him more.

Wish me luck! ;0)

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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