Feeling Vulnerable

Hey Hey! 😀

Hmmm… this is kind of strange. I didn’t think I would end up feeling this way again but here I am. As mentioned before my relationship with my Special Someone has ended and I have managed to move on with the Long Haired One but I didn’t think I would end up having these awkward feelings again. Being with the Special Someone I remember at the beginning I did suffer from a bit of clinginess and vulnerability and it caused some issues in the relationship and we ended up having a lot of serious discussions and after that I thought I had resolved everything and wouldn’t be like this again… turns out I was wrong.

The Long Haired One and I have been slowly getting through our relationship, taking our time to get to know each other properly but there are certain things that seemed to make me feel uneasy. One thing I can say about the Long Haired One is that I feel I can trust him and there is nothing in him that seems like he will wrong me but I do feel quite vulnerable and I do feel the need to talk and be around him often even when it is not possible. I don’t like being apart from him and I constantly feel the need to be with him and it makes no sense. I try to keep myself occupied with other things in my life but at the end of the day the missing him part just becomes more vivid and it just makes me feel quite sad and lonely. I have wondered why if I am able to trust him do I feel these strange feelings and if they will go away as in the back of my mind I know he wont leave me or cheat me but the front feels slightly vulnerable et that something bad could happen. I don’t know if any of this makes sense but this is kind of what is going through my mind at the moment.

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