Meet the Parents/Family

Hey Hey! 😀

Well (I always seem to start this way) I think this is something I haven’t really mentioned or if I have maybe I have forgotten but its something that has happened recently so maybe talk now 😀

Also don’t think I’m putting a pride of lions picture because families are scary and its symbolic I just couldn’t find a picture I wanted to use although it this picture fits in with this post for then its all good 😀

Meeting the family is a big thing in any relationship but sometimes it takes a more casual role depending on how you look at it, the family you are seeing or sometimes how old you are or the type of relationship you are in.

I remember meeting my first boyfriend’s mum, It was just her as I he didn’t have many family members. I never really got to talk to her much but she did know me from my calling the house. I saw her maybe two or three times in passing. The very first time I met her I guess I didn’t really think much of it, as I normally see my friends parents when I visit their house and I kind of viewed it the same way, as we were already friends but I never met his mum the first time I went to his house, I met her when we had our “first date” at  his house. When we did get together I don’t think his mum knew who I was. She seemed quite nice but  I was told she wasn’t but I cant really judge from the times I met her. 

My second boyfriend’s mum (I did not meet his sister or his dad) I met twice and then once or twice when we weren’t in the relationship. First time meeting her was very quick and kind of awkward as her partner was there and he didn’t really like people being around her (he wasn’t a well person so had some issues with certain things) We were out posting leaflets in the area and stopped at his mums place so had quick introductions. Officially meeting her when she invited me for tea it was quite nice and I had no problems and I think she liked me. Again boyfriend wasn’t too sure about how our meeting would go based on previous ex’s (I did well :0P).

My current boyfriend (The Long Haired One :D) I had a slightly unplanned meet the parents (yep this time round I met both mum and dad and the furry siblings too) when I was meeting my boyfriend at his temporary living arrangement at his parents place and so meeting his parents was unavoidable at 2months in to our relationship. I stayed with them for the weekend and I was very welcomed and I think they liked having me around. Again I wasn’t too worried about anything there was no stress I just somehow got on with them.

I’m sure meeting the parents or their family could be a little daunting but I guess its all in your head and how you take it, In my situation meeting their family wasn’t too bad I somehow got through it all ok. The slightly scarier time for me would be the meet MY family bit as even at the ripe old age of 29 I never ever brought a boyfriend home. I always wanted to make sure I knew the person properly or long enough, it was the perfect time as in the relationship and the stuff with family was all good. I wanted to be more prepared in how to go about it and many many other things and so things always kept coming up and it just kept getting pushed back and back. This time I’m going to do it. When and how I have no idea but if you would like to share your comments below it would be very useful.  

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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