Why I wanted a boyfriend

Hey Hey! 😀

Looking back around 10years ago being a teenager I had wanted a boyfriend but not because everyone else had one or because I wanted to experience intimacy but because I was alone. Ok before you start thinking sad loner girl but it wasn’t exactly like that. I had my friends and my own little life going on but having my part time job and my friends all off at University I just wanted to have someone who would do anything to spend time with me and be there when I needed them. My own Special person who I’d become their whole world (maybe that is a slight exaggeration but you know it’s a nice thought to have as a teenager). 

Having a boyfriend meant that I would be able to have someone to talk about everything and anything to and they will still accept me, someone who would never ask me to change myself unless it was truly to help me become a better person not because they don’t like it and also to become a potential life partner.

Being in a relationship was more then just someone to be intimate with because I felt inexperienced and more then someone to buy me pretty things so I didn’t have to spend money, it was like the start of my dream of having my own family, Love and my own Special Someone.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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