The Climbing Man Update

Hey Hey! 😀

The way I update this blog post is bit funny so for me this update is bit late but here it is.

With the Climbing Man I really want to take things slow but things seem to be moving in a pace a little bit quicker then planned even though not a lot is happening it feels like it is if that makes any sense. I have been on three dates now with this guy and I really like him and I have no idea why.

We missed two weeks after our 3rd date and some serious conversations came up. I feel that we are in a place of working out what we both want and where we are with each other. I know where I am and what I want but I feel he has many worries but it has been difficult to have proper conversations about it as he gets tired from work as there had been lots of problems and he just wanted some time alone. I also had a small trip away so we missed out on meeting once again. Things were ok in one way but when we tried to plan a meet again he was all set to meet me after he came from work but his ear problem from few weeks back was causing problems and he wasn’t sure if he should drive to see me without having the wind from the rolled down window blowing in his ear. This was the third cancel and I was really disappointed and sad. He felt bad but there wasn’t much to do bout it. A little while after that day when I was planning something for my holidays and figured we could do a day trip somewhere we ended up having another serious conversation ad sadly it was bad news and yes I cried :0(

The Climbing Man did like me and did enjoy speaking to me but he felt I felt more for him then he did for me. He wondered why he wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was to meet up. We lived far yes but he could drive and be with me in just over an hour if he really really wanted to but he didn’t feel that and wondered if maybe it was best to not date as I would get hurt. Inspite of his good intentions funnily enough I did get hurt, it did actually feel quite painful and I don’t even know why, he wasn’t my boyfriend he was slightly more then a friend but in reality who was he to me, what relationship and connection did I have to him to feel this way. Things got worse as he didn’t feel good either. He revealed he did care for me and there was never any intention to hurt me and that he was stupid and was rushing in with out thinking about what he wanted and he realised he doesn’t know what he wants and he felt that maybe something important was missing between us, the spark…..  

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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