The Climbing Man for the Third Time

Hey Hey! 😀

Well here another update 😀 I made it to date number three. So exciting 😀 As Mr Climbing Man himself had driven all the way here I decided to make my way towards his end -West London. I don’t go there very often and it would be something nice and different. We were going to do another park but this time it was Richmond, one I have not been to.

The Climbing Man collected me at the train station and we walked towards where the park was. It was very very hot that day and I had opted for something more comfortable for the weather which I hadn’t previously done in the first two dates (I had a security cardigan on all day lol) so it was slightly uncomfortable for me as I felt I was getting stared at more then usual (I would like to take that as a good sign but I don’t like being the centre of attention lol) We stopped once or twice to look at the pond, sit on the bench and get some food. The only food place within reach didn’t not serve anything except bacon sandwiches so I had to make do with a muffin and a bag of crisps. There was also a plantation that he had wanted to show me so we ended up walking around in there(holding hand here was not so bad as the temperature was cooler somehow), We found a patch of grass to sit on and had a a little chat with some music in the background. We were there for over an hour talking, kissing and laughing bout nothing. Time was going on and I had somewhere I needed to be

We headed back to ward the high street but on the way I got stung by one of the plants :O:O:O It hurt soooo MUCH!  and he also got an allergic reaction and got burnt in the sun so all round we bot suffered especially when the water ran out :O

Finally back out on the high street I pick up some dinner for the train right to my class. Say my goodbyes and off I go and something funny happens while I’m waiting for the train. ……I missed him


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X x x 


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