Full House- Thai Drama

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This is the second Thai drama I have watched and it has the same two actors as the previous one I watched which was in my last blog. This drama came out in 2014 which is before they made Kiss me.

In this story Mike and Aom-am end up having to live together in what was originally Aom-am’s family home after Aom-am sister sells the house to Mike to pay off a loan. Mike does not want Aom-am there but needs someone to care for the house so sets up a contract to have her cook and clean for him in exchange for staying there until she sells her script.

Mike- is a celebrity but is struggling to keep his status when he decides to concentrate only on his music. He has a “girlfriend” Mintra who does not seem that interested. He is very specific about his diet and likes to be healthy.

Aom-am- is a script writer and has yet to sell her first script, she is also a food critic and enjoys taking pictures and eating different cuisines. She is very sentimental towards her house (Full House) as she had a very close relationship to her father.

Guy- is a childhood friend of Mikes. He seems to be a very caring man and is also friends with Mintra who he has known since he was little. Guy meets Aom-am in Korea and falls for her. He also helps out with her script.

Mintra- is a boutique owner and seems to like Guy more then she likes Mike but at the same time she seems to just like having male attention. She does not seem to understand Mike’s feelings until she loses his attention to Aom- am. 

I really like this drama as both actors are really funny and there are a lot of complications that will keep you wanting to see more. I don’t think it tops Kiss Me the drama I watched from the previous blog but it is very close. There is a lot of emotional points in this drama.

Please click the link below to watch the first episode of this drama:


There is also the theme song sung by both the actors, please click below:


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