Kiss Me -Thai Drama

Hey Hey! 😀

I have never watched a Thai drama before but this one looked too cute to pass up on and it has my favourite actress  Sucharat “Aom” Manaying. My first Thai Drama!! and you know what I loved it! 😀

I did not know this until I looked this up but apparently this is the thai version of a manga called Itazura na kiss. This actually came out in 2015 and is only 20episodes which are just under an hour long.

The basic story is about Tenten and Taliw and their very odd but incredibly sweet relationship which had begun when they were born on the same day and grew up together, until Tenten and his family moved away to Japan. Taliw and Tenten are reunited at the start of school term where Taliw immediately falls for him and Tenten keeps his distance until he realises that Taliw is the very same girl he intended to marry as a child.

Tenten- is a very smart (200 IQ) serious and slightly emotionless guy who keeps to himself. Tenten seems to care for Taliw but at the same time he can be quite evil towards her. 

Taliw- is a sweet, cute but slightly dumb girl. She has a few close friends (Yuye, Paew and Arm) at school including a guy called King who helps at her dads restaurant. She falls for Tenten the very first day she sees him.

King- is a very nice and caring guy who has very good culinary skills. He likes Taliw more then a friend but does not seem to be able to tell her until he has to fight for her attention when he finds out she likes Tenten.

Namkang- is a very smart, tall and pretty girl who like Taliw seems to have fallen for Tenten and tries to win his attention by showing up at his school and going to the same college.

I really enjoyed this drama!!

Mike and Aom have really good chemistry and they both look adorable. Mike is too cute in white hair and Aom looks incredibly sweet in pig tails- what more  could you want?! ;0) The entire drama will have you wanting to keep watching with anticipation as it has some emotional, sweet and funny moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Highly recommend whether you know the original story or not.

To watch this drama please click the link below for the first episode:

There is also a theme song sung by both actors, please click the link below to listen:

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