The Climbing Man

Hey Hey! 😀

My update on my date with the Climbing man AKA the Random guy ;o)- I call him the Climbing man as I discovered he climbs as a hobby funny enough :D.

The Climbing man I had roughly been speaking to for two weeks on and off in a very friend like way and on the 3rd week we met up. He suggested a park so I picked one that I know of as I have enjoyed going there in the past. I could walk and get there in half hour and he was going to drive for over an hour to get there. I did tell him I am too far away and that maybe us meeting is not such a good idea, but he insisted it was fine.

I was not nervous or feeling anxious in anyway I was actually doing pretty good in spite of the cloudy weather. I arrived after he had already got there (I was not late, I still had 5mins :D) and he recognised me straight away. We decided to walk round the lake while chatting about random things and then stopped to get drink after going halfway round the lake. 

We seemed to get on quite well and we did like to have little jokes and laugh about silly things. He had told me he was interested in some climbing stuff they had so we headed off to the activity area and he had some fun climbing up all the different things they had. I hadn’t any trainers so I could not join him but I enjoyed watching him. We decided to take a detour and we ended up sitting on a random patch of grass listening to his random music and looking up what I liked listening to. We met some random dogs who came over to say hello to us which was nice. We started to walk back towards the lake and he seemed to try and reach for my hand and it was so embarrassing for me. I’m not sure why but I just had to shut my eyes and laugh (yes I am a strange one lol)

Time was going by and it had been getting late and I had 3hours til I had to be in bed for work the next day so had to make a start home. He offered to drop me near by to my house. He parked not far from where I lived and we talked and well I’m just going to leave it there…:0)… but I will say there will be another update ;0) 😀    

Share Your thoughts! 😀

X x x


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