Online Profile Weirdness

Hey Hey! 😀

Ok I am just going to list stuff that I have noticed about dating websites. Lists are always fun.

  • There are people that have no picture of their face and barely a description on their profile
  • There are a lot of people claiming they are shy
  • Some people put up group photos and only that photo so you can’t tell who the profile belongs to
  • A lot people will be open to asking for something “casual”
  • There are some very desperate people
  • Some people will stalk you to see when you are online
  • You will end up finding some very “interesting” people
  • One person will say hello several times if you don’t reply within a few minutes
  • Someone will always ask “don’t you have more pictures?”
  • There are some cheesy lined people out there (yes they still exist!!!)
  • People will use anything on your profile as an excuse for your compatibility
  • If there are two people in the profile picture you may fancy the one who’s profile it isn’t (strange how that happens
  • People from other countries will send a paragraph and ask you to be friends with them
  • A lot of people don’t smile in their photos
  • You will get asked about something that is already in your profile(are you Indian? hmm I didn’t think I looked anything else ;0))
  • You may find you have a really nice conversation with someone who then randomly stops talking to you
  • If you are lucky someone may even ask “Are you real?!” (yes it’s happened lol and I don’t know if it’s lucky or not)

There are a lot of other things that I am sure I will notice along the way….

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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