My Date with the Irishman and a Climbing man AKA Random guy

Hey Hey! 😀

Well I got to my date and it wasn’t as nerve racking as I thought it would be as we had talked so much over the past week that it felt like I knew who I was meeting from such a long time ago. Just goes to show  length of time means nothing sometimes. Only thing I didn’t know was what he would really look like. The photos he showed me were slightly different in each making me wonder what was an angle that was an illusion and what was real. In the flesh I wouldn’t particularly say he was good looking or bad looking but he was someone I couldn’t really place on my attraction radar. I enjoyed talking to him on the phone and via messages and in person there was no difference I just felt that he was a bit too outspoken and had no sense of tact which made me feel kind of uncomfortable but I had fun. We walked got some dinner and hung around a bit. After meeting we messaged and had a phone call and he seemed to think that continuous meeting was the way forward to get to know someone where as I was looking for a spark so wasn’t too sure what to do. I did discuss this with him and he told me to think about it. I decided one more meet couldn’t hurt but unfortunately due to a misunderstanding and taking a bit of offense to what I said we aren’t speaking anymore and won’t be meeting up so maybe it wasn’t meant to be. But then again if there is no attraction maybe dating wasn’t what we were supposed to have.

There was someone I have been speaking to for quite some time (if you remember from my Another update blog post- I called him the Random guy) and for some reason we just didn’t manage to have a meet up, so have organised to meet and will see what happens with him. I will update ! ;0)

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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