The One I Thought I liked and an Irishman

Hey Hey! 😀

Updates. Well I met an irish guy (not in person) and he seems ok just very negative about this online dating stuff as he has been on it awhile. The Random guy from before had talked to me about the guy I was kind of interested in and told me to message him and find out what was going on. I was hesitant but given the way my head was getting way too involved I figured it was best to say something after 5days of nothing. I sent out a message and waited and within a few minutes I received a reply saying that he wanted to give the meeting up a miss, he didn’t have time and that we would be better off with people we have more in common with and similar habits. I found it kind of strange that he would do that given how he was always trying to be polite. After agreeing to meet with someone if you had changed your mind it would be more appropriate to at least tell the person you no longer have an interest. I was disappointed of course as after speaking to someone for 2weeks you do get attached but I got passed it I mean his missing out right? ;oP

The Irishman well I had spoke to him a few days before I had an issue with my phone so ended up using text instead of WhatsApp and on that same day he was eventually at the airport on his way to Ireland for work stuff and family stuff so I called him while he was waiting to get on the plane. It was actually a nice conversation for half hour or so. I figured we would talk when he gets back but once he had landed he sent me a message and said he was going to call me in a little while. We talked through the evening until I really had to go to sleep for work. One thing I noticed was he seemed slightly shy when he mentioned somethings and it made me feel that even though he had come off as more of a friend (some people on dating sites do just want to be friends and will just like chatting) I felt like he had a thing for me but dismissed it as most people will say something or show interest. The next day I managed to download another Wi-Fi message related app and we continued to talk from the morning and I told him that the way he was coming off like he had a thing for me and then he kind of told me that he had an interest in me but though he would back off as it seemed I like the other guy. I told him he should have just said as I hadn’t even met the other guy. After a couple of days we decided to pick a day to meet up when he came back from Ireland. I will update you on when that happens and what happened.

The guy I liked I will not be meeting

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