Another update!

Hey Hey! 😀

Well another update on my dating. I had a few conversations with some guys that were a bit odd. I had the one that thought I was too nice and too much of a good girl come back to me. He told me he had a chatted to a few girls and he liked me better lol well we attempted friendship again but it just wasn’t working out and so I told him I wanted to be respected and that it was nice knowing him. He replied with “hmm” and then that was it.

I have also kept in touch with both the first “not a date” guy and the long haired guy even today and we have random text messages. The Asian guy (not the Indian) keeps me updated with his dating and has been making progress with one girl in particular that I have yet to find out more 😀 I have started talking to a security guard, a skater boy, a very random boy and one I may be quite interested in. The security guard I did meet up with. Had a chat and bit of a  walk for a few hours in the city park. I enjoyed the conversations and the company but I just didn’t feel anything for him (no spark) I couldn’t imagine ever being anything more then friends. Plus there was the height issue. I am no average height girl but I am pretty sure his height was ;0) as me at my 5’2 wasn’t too far off from his. Seemed like a nice guy and will keep in contact.

The skater boy seemed interested in me but is very awkward about having a phone call with me so just messages me everyday. I am not too sure where I am with this guy but I do enjoy talking to him but we have yet to see what happens when and if we meet up.

The random guy does message me often and does say weird things and by that I mean not dirty- weird, the normal weird if makes sense. He jokes a lot I guess. He seems to be on this site for quite some time and has trouble dealing with the lack of replies he gets. He lives a fair bit away from me but I guess we could still meet and see what happens.  

The last one for some reason I feel something for and it seems fairly similar to what I had with the first guy I met. The feelings of course aren’t reality and I am trying to keep it together but its really hard. He is actually kind of cute, interesting and polite plus the fact that my cousin said I think you will end up with this guy.!!Hmm well we will see. His replies are bit slow now after having messaged everyday for 4days and the last one being all day then having two day gaps in speaking with me. Maybe he has lost interest?

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