You’re too nice and too much of a good girl

Hey Hey! 😀

Not long after the twice cancelled date I managed to start speaking to someone else. Seemed quite nice but just seemed extremely busy so we would talk in the evenings in between my early bed time and whenever he started messaging me. He was Russian and so had quite an unusual accent, I struggled to understand him but got used to it eventually and it was fine but we mostly sent messages any way. One thing I noticed is that he always wanted to see selfies and would ask questions that were a bit much sometimes. I tried to be patient and tried to ask a bunch of normal questions but it just seemed liked something was lacking with him.

We had planned to meet up but getting close to the day we planned to meet we realised that maybe we wanted slightly different things. He told me that I was too nice and that he did not want to hurt me and that meeting up would be irresponsible of him. Seemed sound enough. I was too much of a good girl for him and he as looking for a and I quote “a naughty girl” lol

He just wanted to date with generally physical stuff mostly involved whereas I wanted a relationship that including everything. We tried to do the friend thing as I asked whether he wanted to continue speaking or if I should delete his number and he insisted we still keep in contact.  We talked on the day we were meant to meet but he was continuing to “flirt” and it just made me wonder what exactly he wanted. I made it clear that we were friends and not going to date but he just got a bit rude and I decided that it may be best to not be in contact with each other as it seemed he did not know how to have a normal friendship.

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