Twice Cancelled

Hey Hey! 😀

Well here is the third “date”. This one seemed to be going well. I spoke to him almost everyday, we had phone calls and texts messages even as early as me getting ready for work at 3am. He seemed pretty decent and kind of normal compared to most on that site.

We planned to meet up the week after as I was busy at the weekend. My plans fell through  with my friend so I suggested bringing the meet forward. We sorted a time and a place and it was just a case of waiting. But then he had to cancel on me because of other plans he had later in the day. It wouldn’t work so I had a plan less Saturday at home after having two plans :0( We rescheduled back to the week after. We still continued to talk but as things went along I realised that something about what he was saying seemed a bit strange. He seemed to realise it too. Since things weren’t making a lot of sense we talked  more and it came up that he did not want a serious/ long term relationship he wanted to have 3-4months of a “relationship” and to break up. !!!!!!

Well I did not know what to say about that but I guess in the back of my mind I felt that maybe I could change that but he assured me that it wouldn’t so I suggested we be friends, and then a few days later he had gone quiet and had stopped being up at 3am messaging me and talking to me through the day. I questioned him bout the meet and he said it couldn’t happen as he isn’t looking for friends.

This was very weird and it was a definite first for me. I never knew people actually do this sort of thing. He wanted a full normal relationship and even with a connection, love making and being around each other daily he would still want to end a relationship. Third person I “met” I didn’t even get to the date.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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