A Date For The Family

Hey Hey! 😀

Well another update. I met up with another person. Something you should know beforehand is I have a very weird, not exactly phobia, but a teeny fear of bald people or even people with very little hair. Don’t ask why, I’m weird. Any way.. to the point, my story.  Ok well one more thing you should be aware of is I have never gone out with an Indian person and if you didn’t know already I am actually Indian. Another thing is Indian families do like to keep their culture alive and would expect you to bring home a nice Indian boy. Now…

On the website I’m on I get a lot of messages from Asian men that aren’t even from this country but there was one who actually Is from here and I did talk to him kind of categorising him in the Friend zone. He did ask a lot of questions and when he found out more about me and realised I hadn’t dated an Indian guy he was determined to be the very first. One other thing you should know is that he had hair in his profile. Keep this in mind,

The day we met up came round. I was working and was going to go straight to the place after coming back from work. I slept a bit longer then expected so asked to push the time half hour (so as not to be late- lateness equals rudeness) so I could shower change and get out the door. I arrived ten minutes earlier and was hungry and desperate for the loo. The place we had gone to eat also held events and there was one particular country music event happening that was very busy. I needed the loo and there was a HUGE line. Nothing for it but to wait to get in a restaurant. Called my “date” up and he didn’t answer. Eventually got through to him after finding a bench and making a phone call to my cousin. He was not close at all and the time to meet was past making him late. 

Finally the call arrives and we try to locate each other. He shows up and he is missing one important thing!! His HAIR! Ok if you don’t know why this is a big deal to me then scroll up. I was freaking out inside, I was not feeling good but I was trying to be nice about it. I was going to make it through this day but I needed the loo and I was hungry and kind of annoyed. Not a good mix but I was going to keep it together. “Shall we get some coffee from Starbucks?” he goes. !!! I politely decline and ask to pick a place to eat as I have not eaten anything since 8am and it was coming up to 2pm. He asks me where I want to go so I choose a Chinese buffet that seems reasonably priced and will hopefully cater for all. Unless you just don’t like Chinese. We head in and then it starts. The complaints. “I don’t like it here, Lets go somewhere else? There’s not enough food here, This place is no good?, Lets go! I don’t want to be here ” With out a breath he complains one after the other (my tummy and bladder are both fit to burst at this rate). I try to be reasonable and ask him to look around at the food first and check he is not happy and he still wants to leave so I say ok (trying to be nice but just getting Hangry)let’s go look at where you want to go. He picks a place that is expensive and extremely busy and when I tell him that it’s too expensive and that I don’t want to pay that much he makes the decision for us to go here and that he is paying and this is what we are doing. I go to the loo and end up staying in the cubicle a lot longer then necessary thinking about leaving and going home. I don’t like the way he is behaving and the way he is. I know it’s rude but I just can’t do it. I step out and tell him that I have to get home. I say my apologies and leave. 


Ok I know you are probably thinking two things. Man thats a long post and OMG she is sooooo mean. Yes and yes, I know. I have never done this before it is definitely a first for me. There were several reasons why I just wasn’t feeling good, besides the need to pee and hunger and that was trying to make my family happy. As I mentioned before I did not view this guy as anything and was happy just chatting as friends and the relationship I had previously was quite a complicated one and would not be accepted (white and older). I thought since I don’t attract many Asians I should make an attempt by going out with this one and bring home a “nice Indian boy” to my family….. Very wrong reasons. I will explain more of this in a another post.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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