Too Overwhelming, Too Busy To Talk and Too Shy to date

Hey Hey! 😀

Another update on three guys I ended up “meeting”.

I found one guy who seemed really nice. I enjoyed talking to him and I felt that he might be someone I’d get on well with. He had an interesting accent and seemed weird and fun. There was just one problem his working hours were way weird and there was just never time to talk. I’d be in bed by 9pm and up at 3am and he would want to talk during those times. Then he had an unfortunate incident within his family and kind of went a bit distant. Eventually when things had calmed down he started talking to me again. Somewhere in our conversation he got the idea that maybe we wanted two different things. He told me that I was nice and sweet but he just wanted something physical. We went separate ways without actually meeting up in person.

During the time I had been talking to the previous guy I had also met this other guy who seemed nice and normal but at the same time a bit full on. He kept asking me for photos and kept telling me how pretty he thought I was and that he wanted kisses and to flirt and all this other stuff. I found a lot of it strange especially as we hadn’t even met up in person yet. I did ask to meet and he was away for work and the days he wanted were awkward for me so we decided to wait until he came back, When he did come back he never mentioned anything about meeting. I thought he just wanted to be friends and left it there. He was bit strange with me when he did talk to me and it came up about being friends and he told me that wasn’t what he wanted and that he was waiting for me to be ready to do those things I mentioned above with him. I told him that there was a things such as attraction which is necessary if you feel you even want to do things like that. It shouldn’t be expected from me before we have even met.

I remember getting a message from this long haired guy who  reminded me of one of the Hansons. He messaged me and I ended up really enjoying talking to him but he seemed a bit awkward. He seemed really unsure of himself and what he was worth. He was certain I would run away. He wanted to be friends so as to not disappoint me. Was very unusual. He seemed cute and funny and a touch weird so I still talk to him.

All of these guys I did not end up meeting, I lost two but kept the last as my friend.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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