My First Date After 6years

Hey Hey! ūüėÄ

Well I did say I would keep you updated and I kind of done it a bit late ;op ….Anyway…:D

After putting up a profile I just thought I would just see what would happen rather then actively look. I eventually got some messages but a lot were ones I’d rather not repeat on here, but I managed to get a normal one. Actually turned in to an on going conversation all weekend. I would receive other messages but see this guy’s one and want to reply to his message first. Three days of messaging on the site and I decided at some point on the Sunday to swap numbers. He wasn’t feeling that good on account of a night out on the Saturday so said just to text. We texted a couple of times and then ended up having a phone call.¬†The call¬†lasted for a good couple of hours until¬†my phone died and it was time to sort dinner¬†for me and my brother. I charged up the phone and started cooking. I received some messages in between cooking and then I received one about meeting up In the week.¬†

My Special Someone and I had¬†a special¬†bond and being with someone else was a little bit much for me so instead of saying yes I asked why.¬†He told that I was a nice person and I said but we met on a dating site, meaning he must be expecting something. This time he was more direct “do you want to go on a date?” This is when some funny tummy flips were happening and I kind of freaked out a bit. I don’t know why but I felt more¬†scared then flattered. I figured I could just see what would happen and whether I was in a place to move on or not. Nothing¬†has to happen right? I called him up and told¬†him¬†how I was feeling and asked if we could meet on a “not a date”¬† (it’s basically a date but just by calling it not a date I feel more comfortable)¬†I told him I just wanted to meet up, talk and have a laugh with out any expectations. First dates (not a date) are meant to be fun. He seemed understanding and agreed. We set up a day to meet in the city.¬†

The day arrived.

I got on a train and headed out to meet him and he was slightly different to what I thought, but he seemed pretty much the same in the way he talked and the way his personality was when we had chatted, so I knew I wouldn’t have much problem getting through the day. I had fun we laughed and talked and wandered around a bit. There was no spark or attraction but I did feel he could become a¬†really good friend of mine given the chance. We got on really well and I enjoyed his company. However he does have slight similarities to my Special Someone so maybe it’s a good thing we don’t date, as I don’t think it’s healthy to go from one Special Someone to another. Overall the not a date was a success. I made a new friend¬†and the dating journey wasn’t as scary as I thought so I am considering meeting other people. I will take my time though.

Share Your Thoughts! ūüėÄ

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