Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Hey Hey! 😀

I thought I would share that I saw the film!!!! :D:D:D

I have always loved this story along side The Lion King as my favourite Disney films but this Beauty and the Beast was slightly more realistic in some ways and included somethings that would be slightly more relatable.

 I am sure we all know the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast but there was parts of the story that had slightly changed and the songs although were the same had added a few new songs. The differences although slightly odd to get round (expectations after all) made it a story in it’s own right.

I Loved Emma Watson as Belle and I Loved listening to all the songs, both old and new :D. The Beast was actually really amazing to look at 😀 (even as a Prince ;0))

The other characters in the films I had slight mixed feelings on. I thought Maurice, Lumiere and Le Fou were pretty good, Gastan seemed to grow on me even though I expected the big old “barn” sized one in the animated one, but he did have the narcissism down ;0) Cogsworth wasn’t quite the same for me and Mrs Potts and Chip seemed like different characters altogether. There was one character, Plummette who was the little Feather duster but for some reason was like half a bird which was quite unusual. Obviously the looks of all the characters were made to be realistic and in my head can’t replace the animated ones which seemed to come to life a lot more. However if you forget the animation and watch they do grow on you slightly.

I loved the interaction between the Beast and Belle and how the story as a bit more depth then the animated one. Overall I would definitely recommend seeing this film 😀 The dancing is beautiful, Belle in her yellow dress is beautiful, the library is beautiful and even the Prince! ;0) Very nice film 😀 Just watch it!! :D:D

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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