Hello Online Dating!

No you won’t! LOL (I am on something else :op)

Hey Hey! 😀

Well here I am, dating again. I spent along time thinking about this and after hearing some very sad stories from other people about Love, break ups and living life with only their previous partners memories and Love and not wanting to move o,n it just made me feel like the life I had wanted to see in my future was getting further and further out of my hands reach. I know that in my head and heart I that will never stop loving my Special Someone, but it does not mean I am replacing him. I am having a new person enter my life to become a new part of my life because they can’t replace something that they aren’t the same of (bad English? sounds like it, hopefully you get what I am saying anyway) The other thing I was thinking  was that maybe because I have held on for so long that maybe I had let go already but I couldn’t see that I have ,so I thought I would see what would happen with a distraction. I will keep you updated on my very experiences of my dating experience now. I am not really, fully, entirely, ready for new people but I can always make friends 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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