I See the Good and Nothing But the Good

Hi Hi! 😀

I am sure this is something everybody does at some point in their life.

There are lots of relationships that we will come across in life whether they are friendships or more and there are times when we feel so close to these people that we can’t say anything bad about them, hear something bad about them or even want to know something bad about them.

I remember that people always used to think that I was turning a blind eye towards my Special Someone’s flaws but things were never like that. I did see lots of good about my Special Someone but I also saw the bad bits and I had accepted them. There is a slight difference between pretending the flaws don’t exist and accepting them to the extent that they feel like they don’t exist. I have always believed that Love is unconditional and that no one is going to be perfect and making someone seem like they’re perfect won’t make them seem like they are any less flawed.

When it came to me I think it made me uncomfortable to hear things about people I know but I always try to keep an open mind and use what I already know about the person to make the best judgement. There are some people out there who will say things just to be evil (jealous?)or because they care about you and are just looking out for you. It’s not the easiest thing to work out but you have to go with your gut to know what is right. When people are trying to look out for you try not to get annoyed with them saying things about your other half as the only person you should worry about what they think about them is you. You are the important person and what you think counts more.

However you can actually be Love blind towards your other halves problems and actually think they are all good and nothing but good. Your other half is not some kind of superhuman so don’t treat them like they are, treat them as your Special Someone, flaws and all


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