Heart and Mind!

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There has always been something about following your heart when it comes to Love and dating but I believe things alittle bit differently. I believe that you can actually use both your heart and your mind.

 Looking back at my past dates and relationships I have noticed that I just took an impulse decision to date someone but I over thought the relationship part. The reason I did this was because meeting someone on a first date is just like meeting up with a new friend, in which a friendship may come out of it or you go separate ways completely so nothing is really concrete. However a relationship is a big deal especially when you have never been in a relationship or have been hurt before, so I guess thinking more is pretty normal. Don’t want to get it wrong after all! (but then again that can still happen)

The way I have been thinking is that following your heart is very important for your own happiness. What you like and want comes first, no matter what issues people see in your new man or woman. The practical side of things we tend to forget about but subconsciously it is thought about in some way. A lot of people tend to go for their type without thinking about it because they know what type of people they like but at the same time they have subconsciously thought about the type of person they like. Strange no? 😀

There are of course times when you may favour following your heart or thinking practically more then the other but sometimes it’s a good thing to have the best of both worlds for just in case. Follow up to this post in next post 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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