Hey Hey! 😀

Bonding with someone is a very Special thing to have and today I thought it might be something to talk about :D:D

When it comes to certain people you just have this way with each other that sometimes doesn’t come with everyone. It makes you wonder how you were ever apart in the first place as it feels like you never were. It can happen in both friendship and in a couple relationship but in a couple relationship it just comes off more special.

The relationship I have had with my Special Someone and our bond, is something that can never change. I know that from now to the future I feel that we won’t ever be apart even if the relationship changes we will last forever (I know, it sounds so cheesy :P). There was always something about the two of us because we were so different and we had been through so much together that it’s amazing how we stuck together.

I have friends that are starting to mean a lot to me and have quickly become good friends in my eyes, as they have never accused me or doubted my character, because they have picked up on the way I am and even the friends I have for years haven’t done that which goes to show you can make an instant connection with anyone even within a few days.

A lot of people feel that people alone will make things better and that having their own company is best but losing out on having a bond with someone is something you will always regret. As human beings we are social creatures and need a social life and to make friendships with people as with out it you may feel lost and alone.

There are certain people in life that could mean more to you then you will ever know. Hold on to them for as long as you can. You will regret losing these people so if you can improve your relationship with them or try and make amends for these special people in your life then,… well you have nothing to lose.. except of course for them if you don’t.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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