Uncomfortable Work Romance

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I don’t think I have ever mentioned something like this before …well that’s because I have only just experienced it recently and for the very first time! It was not good. Not good at all and I have to say I handled it quite badly :0( BUT as they say it could have been worse.


Basically I was at work. Pretty harmless place to be or so I thought. I was on my way out having finished working and I was passing by my other colleagues and saying my goodbyes when I heard one of the guys saying something and then whistling at somebody. I carried on towards the door until I heard my name being called. I turn around and there was one of my colleagues walking towards me. He looked a bit different… more confident somehow but then again I don’t really know him all that well. Lets back track a bit….

When I am at¬†work I will quite happily talk to anyone that talks to me and I will always try to be nice to everyone. There are certain people that I have spoken to¬†more than others but this guy I¬†could count the amount of times using both hands or less ;0) I remember the first time he spoke to me using my name¬†and I didn’t even know he knew my name as I didn’t even know who he was, I also remembered him coming off a bit shy and quiet and I¬†just assumed he was like that and so I never pressed him to talk to me too much.

There were other things I noticed about him that came up like he never lost an opportunity to try talk to me if he saw me alone and if he needed something he would always ask me and now I realise that was kind of an excuse to be around me. In spite of that he could never look me in the eye. During our passing conversations I remember my age coming up and I did know¬†we were not the same age already but he seemed quite shocked at the prospect of me being older then him and even more shocked when he knew how much. It wasn’t that much of a surprise as people always assume I am a lot younger (baby face me! :op) but he seemed bit more lost for words then most people have been. Lets fast forward again ;0)

To the awkward day again. ….

Walking towards me I waited patiently to find out what he wanted so I could be on my way home. He started saying something about wanting to talk to me more to get to know me better and asked for my number. I automatically assumed it was for friendship but to be sure I asked him a question. “As friends right?” he said yes so we swapped numbers and I headed out the door. In the car on my way home something clicked in my head that something seemed a bit strange. I waited until my colleague had finished work and sent him a message asking him¬†if he knew anything about what happened with the guy from work. He told me that¬†he likes me and¬†I asked “in what way?” he said “I don’t know he just wants to get to know you better”. Everything was clicking into place in my head and I realised that he may have a crush on me and I was not interested in anything but friends.¬†Later in¬†the day¬†I received a message from the¬†guy from work¬†and it started ok enough until he started asking things about if I lived alone, why I didn’t have a husband or boyfriend, what sort of guys I was interested in and other things. I texted my friend (colleague) telling him that I was going to set things straight with him and he told me just to say I had a boyfriend and hopefully he will leave me alone. He didn’t. The next say he texted me again and I had a busy day ahead so I didn’t say much but thing just felt awkward.

The day at work when he was in was awkward. I avoided him as much has possible until it just wasn’t possible. I had had a bad morning before coming into work and a conversation that awkward was just not what I wanted at that time. It got to a point when we were alone and for some reason as he was trying to get my attention the background¬†music had stopped making things even more embarrassing when he asked me questions about why I never a mentioned a boyfriend, why I gave my number and something about me getting in trouble. I told him that I didn’t think I was something to mention as when he asked to talk to me I asked if it was¬†FRIENDS and he had said “YES” He seemed annoyed with me and I wasn’t feeling good already and was now feeling worse so I told him I didn’t like him like that anyway and tried to get out of the situation. he ignored me the rest of my shift.

I know it comes off as bad and rude but¬† a conversation like that is just not to be had at work when it goes quiet and other people can hear you and I wasn’t in a place to talk. Finally when work¬†was over I got in the car and went home. I sent him¬†a message explaining I had a bad morning and not appreciating a conversation like that while we are work. I also mentioned that I didn’t need to say I had a boyfriend as he hadn’t asked me out and he never asked if I did have one. I also said that I was sorry if I had given him the wrong impression and that I was not romantically interested in him and that I always try to be nice people regardless of who they are and maybe he had mistook it for something else which was never my intention.¬† I also highlighted the fact that I had made it clear about swapping numbers as friends. He messaged back when he had finished work and told me it was his fault and that I didn’t need to apologise.¬†

There is more. A week or two after I was talking to my friend and the conversation of that guy at work came up and I found out he forgot to mention something to me. Silly guy that he is he thought it was funny. Turns out the guy from work had asked him (assumingly knowing we talk to each other and them being friends with each other too) if I had a boyfriend and he had told him that I was seeing someone and then the guy from work said I am going to ask anyway. Which makes no sense!!

Well that’s my story and it basically just makes the guy from work seem a bit strange to think that we could go out when I am in a relationship. I did make it obvious about the friend thing…..

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