The Unexpected Friendships

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This post is for the friends that are a little unexpected, but who you still feel the need to spread the Love and joy to. There are times when they make you feel like the luckiest girl (or boy) in the world ;0) 

I have noticed that the older you get the more difficult it is to make friends unless you are in a place where people are more willing to talk. I have in the recent year or so due to certain changes in my life, have found rare and beautiful people who I feel such a wonderful connection with that I just can’t believe their behaviour and the way they talk to me (in a nice way!)

I have a friend who will always call me beautiful and have positive things to say in spite of her past, I have a friend who will make time to talk to me even with the busyness of having a big family to care for, I have a friend who is related to me and even with the age gap thinks the world of me, I have a friend who always calls me “hunny” who is actually kind of sweet even though I always found her intimidating, I have a friend who always smiles at me and understands where I am coming from and I even have a strange friend who I feel I could talk about anything to, who will surprise me with their behaviour in a small way which is actually kinda big! These friends are old and new, of different ages, cultures and backgrounds but I have managed to bond with them and I am in a happier place with my friendships and am very appreciative of them.

Something I feel that should be said is judgement is a very big barrier and when I was younger I did judge based on stereo types and I am much more free now I am willing to be more open and understanding. I feel my Special Someone played a big part in my thoughts. No matter what you think or even feel about certain people you will always be surprised by who may come along and how they may even change your life!

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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