Relationships You Want: Momoko and Yousuke

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I found an interesting nail polish with a green haired character on it which led me to look up Wedding Peach which is a similar show to Sailor Moon and I had never heard of it. I have watched almost all the episodes so far but I think the main character Momoko (Wedding Peach) and the guy she hates (really likes!) Yousuke are so adorable.

What they do for each other

Momoko goes after Yousuke when he gets kidnapped

Yousuke stays with Momoko at the nurses office after she gets hit by a football on the head

Momoko accompanies Yousuke in his punishment to clean the pool

Yousuke gives a ring to his friend to give to Momoko knowing that she has a crush on him and will be happier thinking the ring is from him

Momoko cheers on Yousuke when he plays goalie to a famous football star

Yousuke trys to protect Momoko against the Devils even when he has no idea what they are or what they are capable of

Momoko finds out Yousuke has devil blood and decides not to give up on him

Yousuke gives Momoko a Peach blossom flower branch when she is unwell

What their relationship includes 9190920c3626aeb0ebaf34ae8a506188

Flying Footballs to the head


A random nickname – Momopii

Fights/ arguments

Love/ Hate Relationship

 Overall this relationship shows

It is possible to Love and hate someone at the same time

People will do anything for you

Love conquers all

There can be such thing as cuteness overload!

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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