“Practice Makes Perfect”- Part 2: Intimacy

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This blog post is the part two to the “Practice Makes Perfect”- Part 1: Dating

Part 2: Intimacy…

Once you start dating you will eventually get close and intimate with your other half which is normally the way it goes. The way which it can also go is the way that may have consequences if you don’t fully understand what you are getting into and that is when you get close and intimate to everyone and anyone just to get better and get “experience”, or even just because you want that sort of affection and it doesn’t matter who it’s from. With that situation it must be what you are really ok with, as it can effect things later in life and you may regret it.

A lot of people feel that before marriage or before settling with an official boyfriend/girlfriend they are committed to, they need to experience what is out there and REMOVE their inexperience in being intimate. This is a strange way to think but people do feel the need to “kiss a lot of frogs” not necessarily to find their prince but to find the best kissing frog ;0P If that is what you know you want and are happy with those kind of situations and know you won’t get emotionally involved then, each to their own. However there are people who want to experience everything with someone they are dating and are on their way to a committed relationship with, as those people will get emotionally attached and will find it difficult to have any kind of intimacy, with someone they aren’t already dating or thinking of dating. I know that I am that kind of person. I don’t do no strings attached or unemotional intimacy that just isn’t for me. I would prefer to experience and learn everything with the one I Love as it’s part of the fun and the main experience. Bumping heads and kissing noses and  fingers getting stuck in your hair is all part of it  ;0)

When it comes to being intimate with different people whether it’s “making Love” or anything leading up to it including kissing, it’s important to know that you can’t necessarily get better, unless it’s with the EXACT same person. With one particular person you can learn what THEY like and learn what YOU like and make the experience better for you both. If you are with someone you have no connection with, the experience may not live up to your expectations, as that person will do what they like which may not be enjoyable for you. They may try to do something you aren’t ready for or they maybe a bit rough, so it’s not something everybody can handle unless they make it known to the other person, that it’s not how they want things. (Please note of course you can pick up things from someone but it may not work the same way with another person if that makes sense)

One thing I learnt is that I need to know what I like, before I am able to tell the person I’m with and that comes with knowing myself. So in my opinion find out what you like first and then find someone you are willing to experience intimate situations with.

Each experience you have with someone is unique especially when it comes to intimacy so make it special and worth remembering, whether you are comfortable being with unofficial partners or someone you are in a relationship with 😀

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