“Practice makes Perfect”-Part 1: Dating

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I thought I may have mentioned something similar about this but it turns out I haven’t. This blog post is based on a recent conversation with someone I know who is going away to Uni and very interested in experiencing dating and intimacy. She said to me that practice makes perfect, as in gaining as much experience as possible with guys to perfect their kissing and intimacy skills for when they have a relationship.

I feel like this post could be long so I’m going to split it in to Dating first and Intimacy after (any excuse for another post! ;0) )

 First up… Dating! When it comes to dating everybody is different. Some people have gone out on a date with a new person every month for a whole year, whereas someone else may have been dating the same person for 1year and may not have been experienced much but have managed to keep a relationship, where as the new person a month person may have experienced lots but not manage to hold on to a relationship. Both people have nothing wrong with them and both situations are not wrong. It is just a unique experience for each person because each couple’s experience is different and they have diverse needs. Never compare!!

There are some people like I mentioned above who believe they need as much experience as possible to get better at dating which does work in other ways but just not in dating. There is no getting better at it, that does not exist. The only thing you can get better is what you can learn from your dates, such as staying away from certain people meaning working out the dodgy people, knowing spaghetti may not be the best dish to order on a dinner date and maybe saving the meet the parents stuff until you really know the person but that doesn’t always stop bad things from happening.

In dating the reason getting better at is doesn’t exist is because every person you meet is very different and they all want different things you so even if you work out one person it isn’t going to be helpful on another date with another person. You kind of have to cater for each persons needs and those needs may not match yours which is why I was mentioning the above.

 If you decide to just set up as many dates as possible so that you have dated lots and gained “experience” it won’t really add much, as it will only mean you have had a lot of dates with people who you aren’t even compatible which could mean horrible dates, awkward moments and having to phase out someone possessive :O (yep it does happen) Dating is in no way a competition and if you have been on more dates then you can remember and been with more guys then in one hand within a year people tend to look down on it and may wonder whats wrong with you. Trust me when I say this, each date you go on and each person you meet is something to enjoy and experience as it is not something you should be trying to gain something from. That is not the experience you should be experiencing 😀 That is not what matters. Having fun meeting someone new and getting a bonus of a second date or relationship out of it is .

Experience your dates the way you should, don’t be keeping a tally of guys/girls you’ve been with.

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